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Re: Cosplay Q&A

Originally Posted by Amui View Post
How much does the regular cosplay run money-wise, usually?
Were you afraid your first time cosplaying in public, and if so how did you overcome that fear?
Depends on the cosplay, a simple one say a school girl outfit, Probably run about 40-50$ if your making all by scratch. Buying and adjusting the products cost alittle less and don't take as much time. For a bigger one, say Trinity blood costume can run you about 200-300$+ regardless of buying or making it yourself if your a nick pick. You have to remember the type of fabric you use. If you play on buying a costume remember that when you buy it will probably cost more then if your making it because your paying for labor of the seamstress. The more accessory you want with a costume the more money you will spend on it.

The first time I cosplyed in I think was back at AB 07 when I was a Thief from Disgaea 2. I was scared on the train/subway because I stood out, but after I got to the con I forgot about my fear and had fun! :D

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