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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

An assuming man in business attire strode up to the counter where the brunette sat, judging from her expression she was almost at wits end. While his expression was quite blank, he spoke in a warm, caring manner, he smelled of baked goods.

'Excuse me," the man said removing his pipe to talk " I would like to register for this tournament."

"Okay," The brunette said trying to sound cheeerful "...Your name"

"Mr. Egbert,"

The woman entered the name and handed him the pass

"Here you go Mr. Egbert. Goodluck"

"Thank you he replied," He said taking the pass and giving the woman a small cake "Take this, it looks like you need a little boost"

As he returned the pipe to his lips, he looked around the lobby and noticed the waiting room. As he entered he noticed it was quite full, a few girls a blonde man, and a few boys that could be John's age. Nonetheless he looked around the room not much to do, except wait, so he sat next to the dark haired boy with the tatoos. He looked at him and decided that judging by the boys cold stare it would be a good idea not to speak with him

"If my son looked like that," He thought "He would get such a sassacre-ing"


The Demi-Fiend looked at the man who entered, he seemed to be quite powerful despite with homely exterior. In fact, he was able to get a better feel for the people that would be his opponents. While he may have under-estimated them initialy, they still seemed nothing special. Except for the boy in orange, for some reason he could not sense anything about him, as if his whole being was foreign to this world. As of now, he believed his greatest threats to be the strange boy, the blond man and the man with the pipe. He was growing impatient, he was running out of time and fast. He looked around, it appears he wasn't the only one itching to get started. From his pocket he withdrew a small creature resembling a worm with teeth, he quickly popped it in his mouth and swallowed. despite losing his humanity long ago, he still hated how the magatama felt as it worked its way through him. He felt the usual jolt as his mind changed and his tatoos slightly shifted and changed color. He retreated to the darkness the demon inside him granted and slept.
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