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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

A flurry of fiery orange hair shot past the window, weaving through the sea of unfamiliar faces. Her newly hatched Azurill poking its head out of her shoulder bag to observe to commotion. She continued to bob through the crowed surfacing only to gasp for air.

This would be so much easier if Ash ever paid me back for my bike, she thought, diving through the front door.

She arrived at the front desk, tripping on the carpet. Lunging forward she lands awkwardly onto a roller blade clad young man, not much older than herself. Dropping her bags over the ground her Pokéballs fall everywhere and the young Azurill begins to cry.

The orange haired girl scampered to collect her Pokéballs as her Psyduck decided to release itself at the worst possible time.

"WHAT THE F#%$ DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" The boy screeched, slamming the yellow duck into the counter.


Grabbing his pass the boy skates off leaving the red head to collect her things. The brunet haired female behind the counter arose from her seat to comfort the weeping Azurill. The Red head also got the her feet, stuffing her possessions deep into her bag.

"I'm misty, Leader of the Cerulean Gym........ I am meant to be in the tournament. If you don't mind me asking, who was that?"

"Agito" She replied with little emotion. She gave Misty back her now calm Azurill and placed the pass in her hand as she returned to her seat.

"Welcome to the tournament, Misty." She said abruptly. "This pass will allow you to access anywhere in the building except staff rooms. Good luck."

The water Pokémon trainer looked at her Psyduck and headed for the waiting room.
"This is gonna be a headache......."

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