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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

'The world'.

Only these two words suddenly appeared on one of the computer in the lobby in a weird outdated textform not anymore used on any modern pc, no pc should even had these, but they were still there. Written with a dark blue color, quickly becoming bigger. The worker sitting on that computer noticing that tried several things, until he tried to pull the plug, nothing else happened. But as he pulled it, the screen became black, but the words were still there.

Suddenly the words changed to ' W€%c&me ?o ?he Wo"%= ' and the weird sounds came fom the monitor as if it was processing something, which it shouldn´t. Sudden silence followed. Multiple people were now standing before the computer and looked all in awe and quiet at these words, which still seemed to grow, the colors became more intense and suddenly the words seemed to burn in a cold azure flame.

But it wasn´t the words that were burning but the monitor and then the table and slowly the flame grew and grew, until... The flame suddenly concentrated on one point, forming a small ball of maybe 15inches diameter which slowly waved from one point to another.

Inside of these flames numerous zeros and ones could be seen just swaying around like they were dancing. Then, without a sound, the ball emitted a blending light and suddenly a person stood where before had been the flame. He was wearing a weird stitched outfit mainly colored blue and brown, a big hat and a bag on his back. Slowly his head moved up and he looked around with a cold glare, his eyes of a electrified green, like a screen. While smiling wildly, showing his sharp teeth, he began to move swayingly seemingly not noticing anyone around him.

Like a zombie, he made his way to the desk where one could register for the tournament and stretched out his hand as if expecting somehing. As he saw that he wasn´t getting anything, he slowly began talking slurred like a machine: "I´m here to register for the tournament, could you register me as Kite?" This was followed what could be interpreted as a smile, if it weren´t for the razorsharp teeth as if he was a carnivorous.

As Kite saw that the lady began to type it in, he slowly made his way to the waiting room to wait there until he would be called. As he reached the door, he opened it.

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