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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

Without warning, the Fused Sayian entered the waiting room, not by walking but by sudden appearance with a loud sound. In his blue and orange outfit, he unfolded him arms clenching his right hand as though crushing something. "YEAH!!!!!" he would yell, the sounds of two people coming from his voice.

He would take his left leg and tap the tip of his boot on the ground a few times, he was ready for this, hoping to find someone that would let him push his power higher then Majin Buu could.

"Hah, doesn't matter how many people there are.. instant transmission! Thats the only way to get places!" he said with his double voice, energetic, a natural emotion he had from Goku's personality.

He would look around the room. "Where am I now?" He would take notice of the blonde girl in the magic outfit. He was undoubtedly taller then her by a good two ft. He looked over her like an artitian looking over a statue.

"Hm.... blonde hair.... a wand, a hat that barley fits, no pants... no shoulder support." He would say as though he was criticizing her.

"Look little girl if you think that look will stop everyone from attacking you, then you obviously haven't met a true warrior like myself!" He said, his cockiness coming from Vegeta's side.

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