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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

Name: Azure Kite
Anime or Video Game?: Video Game
Name of Video Game: .hack
Information About the Character: Azure Kite is one of the few near perfect AI´s in the .hack//series that can think and speak for themselves to some extent. In battle he either uses his dual swords named 'Empty Skies', his bracelet with which he can weaken enemies or an azure flame to create a barrier from some attacks. He excells in speed and toughness, lacks but defense and attack.

Name: Feitan
Anime or Video Game?: Anime
Name of Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Information About the Character (at least a paragraph): Feitan is an expert swordsman and assassin from the world of HunterxHunter. He is not very tough, but his speed, agility and skill exceed even more so when there is no or little light. His weapon of choice is a sword concealed by an umbrella with no hand guard whatsoever, while still concealed, he can use his umbrella also as a gun. Feitan is fast enough to leave after images while he moves, due to rapid movement. His special skill is to change all the pain he received in a fight until that point into power and then release it all at once, this explosion of power can level buildings.


I've read all the rules.

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