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Re: The Interview

I must respectfully disagree. Releasing a movie portraying the assassination of a sitting head-of-state--any sitting head-of-state--is an affront to the entire international community, not to mention just plain stupid. This movie never should have been given the green light, let alone released. Why would any nation sit quietly in the face of such? And would Sony have released the movie had it portrayed the assassination of David Cameron or Francois Hollande, or other leaders even closer to home? However tyrannical the leader, there is a certain sanctity (for lack of a better word) to the position of head-of-state. One must respect the office, even if not the individual who holds it.

If Sony is really so keen to release this, why not fly their stars to Pyongyang for a real red carpet premier? H_ll, let somebody start a Kickstarter campaign for the airfare and I'll contribute. . .

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