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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

The rushing cool water cascaded down. His mind was a complete slate.


The waters scattered and trickled down from his bare flesh as he calmly meditated with much discipline. The morning crisp air, the rustling of the leaves and the distinct sounds of nearby Pokemon within the vicinity. He could sense them.

A flicker of wind brushed across his nose. Hiro awoken from his zen meditation to see a leafy tail flicker left to right from his sight. Leafeon, who was waiting in front of him, happily cried out as it placed his new set of shirt, jacket and his half-monk robe.

"So it's time huh? Thanks for calling me out." Hiro compliment as he reached out his drenched hand to gently pat the Grass Pokemon.

The rushing whitewater of the cascade started to splutter wildly as he rose up from the firm stone plateau. Brushing off the water droplets from himself, Hiro dressed him and dropped down from the platform to the oak tree where his satchel bag was resting against.

"C'mon Leafeon, let's get going. Don't want to be late for the academy, huh?" Hiro exclaimed enthusiastically.

With a cheerful nod, Leafeon pounced down from the stone platform and chased after Hiro.


Momentarily arriving in front of the gates of the academy, Hiro and Leafeon both
stared in awe at the complex yet magnificent structure. For the first time, they both hadn't seen an academy that was this grand like this before. Surely the area of the propriety must be bigger than the temple's backyard back at Ecruteak City! Just before they took a step onto the campus, Leafeon paused and looked down at Hiro's shoes. With an embarrassed face, Hiro took off his worn-out Converse shoes and exchanged them for a pair of woven straw sandals that were inside his bag.

"Wouldn't want to dirty the prestigious campus with my mud-covered shoes from meditation and running, huh?" Hiro asked rhetorically to his companion with a gleeful chuckle.

Finishing up the exchange, they both took their first step onto the campus and into the building that their class was located at. Alternating between the timetable and the numbered rooms, they eventually stood outside the door of Room 107.

"Think this is the right one?"

Leafeon happily nodded.

"Alright then, here goes."

Brushing the dust off his half-golden monk robe and the navy-blue turtleneck-like jacket. Hiro opened the door to Room 107...

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