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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

"Nick your an idiot! Your first day and you over sleep!" He rushes for his clothes and franticly puts on his old and worn Team Rocket hoodie then he scans for his shoes. He he tears up the dorm he stops and hears light snores he looks all over and finally looks under his bed.

Nick see his Larvitar and Mareep asleep snoring lightly."Guys you cant be out of your Pokeballs! Do you guys want me to get kicked out?!?! " His two young Pokemon begin to get teary eyed "No guys come on don't cry I'm sorry. Im just flustered it my first day here and I want to start it off right." The duo smiles and Nick sees something under the two.

"Guys really?? You have my shoes no wonder I couldn't find it." Nick slips on his shoes puts on his Pokemon Ranger cap and rushes out the door without his Pokemon. Nick comes back as he sees his Pokemon laughing at his absent mind. "Alright you two jokers lets go." Nick puts them in their Pokeballs and goes to class.

Nick find is class and peeks his head at the window. "Dang Im late but hopefully I can sneak in unnoticed" Nick snakes his way through the door but the door groans halfway through. Everyone looks at Nick along with the instructor with a cold stare that could freeze a Charmander. "I can see my first at this academy is staring off swimmingly." Nick said sarcastically.

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