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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

((OOC: Ah, I see. Anyway, Gamer you're accepted. Grim, since you're gonna be in a different class than us, you have to roleplay (just till you finish it) as the teacher for that one. Note: We may have the same type of class but it doesn't have to be the same classroom. My next post, classes will begin.))

A few minutes after witnessing the battle between two trainers in the park, Naomi was standing directly in front of the school. She wasn't amazed by the school itself but the Pokemon that roamed it. There were over one-hundred of both Pokemon and students outside. There was a Tangela, Pineco, Magby, Azurill, Chatot, and many more.

"Torchic, there's so many Pokemon here," she said in disbelief.


"We might as well go inside and find our class. We still got twenty minutes left till our first day begins."

The trainer picked up her little orange chick and followed other students into the building. As you entered from the front doors, the office was right in front of you. You could either go left or right from that point. Each side had plenty of different doors. From the left, the nurse's office for both trainer's and Pokemon was spotted. Further down on the right, the gym for the Battle and Training classes.

Confused on which direction to go in, she held her Pokemon in one arm and took out a piece of paper that was folded into a small square inside her pouch. Unfolding it, she checked her schedule. "It seems we're on the second floor, Torchic." On the back of the schedule was a small map of the academy. "We should take right from here and go up the nearby stairs."

Naomi had began walking in the east direction of the school. She looked at the different class doors she walked by on both her right and left side. She was getting excited with each step she took within the school. This was the place that would help her dream, after all.

She came to the stairway doors. As she opened them, she said, "so, Torchic. What do you think? There's a lot of Pokemon here you could befriend." Torchic was silent. He was focusing more on its new environment rather than talking to his master. The trainer opened the doors to the first floor. "So, we're looking for class 107."

Seeing how the class would be on her right side from the stairway she exited from, she followed down the path in the hallway. Once she came to a classroom with the number one, zero, and seven, she knew she was in the right room. Entering, she noticed a few people within the room already. One student had a Poliwag, another had a Cubone, and the other was a Piplup. She knew there was only sixteen minutes left, but she didn't expect it to be so empty in just a very short amount of time till class.

Choosing the second row seat by the window, Naomi placed Torchic on the her class desk. "This is our first class, boy. Hopefully, we'll get some great knowledge from this class."
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