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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

Grim will get Elekid
As Nishi and Spirit make thier way to the Academy they come across a strange boy
"Hey! Do you want to pokebattle?" ask the boy
A boy with a white shirt and blue pants come up to Nishi asking him to pokebattle him
" No thank you, I need to go to the Academy"
" Aw come on! Just a quick battle, just one please"
" I cant, I must go or else I be late!"
but as soon as Spirit heard the word "battle" he was eager
" Hey seems to me, your pokemon wants to battle"
The strange boy takes out one of his pokemon and brought out a geodude
"Alright! Let's do this....."
Seeing as Spirit is eager to battle Nishi had no choose
" Ok, but just this once okay......... "
~ Pokebattle!

Strange boy: "Geodude use Tackle now!"

Geodude's Tackle miss

Nishi: " Um Spirit, I guess use dig!"

Spirit use dig

Strange boy:" Quick use Defense Curl!"

Geodude's use Defense curl

Spirit hit Geodude with dig!

~ it was Super Effective!
Strange boy lost
Strange boy : " Aw man, nice"
Nishi: " Hey do you know what time it is?"
" It's 8:02 am, why?"
" Oh no! Im late for class! Um good bye now"
~ Nishi picks up Spirit and started to run towards the PKMN Academy

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