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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

Mathias walked up to the gates of the academy and looked around, "wow look at all the people" he said to himself as he walked onto the grounds. He couldn't believe that he had managed to make it all the way to the PKMN academy from Hoenn region on his very small budget. As he walked he looked at all the people looking at him but he wasn't surprised after all he had been wandering through the forests for a long time now.

After thinking to himself for a minute Mathias pulled out one of his two pokeballs and released his partner zangoose, he had one other pokemon haunter but he only used him in tight situations. "Well you ready zangoose" he asked his trusted pokemon who simply nodded his head in agreement, "well then lets head inside and get ourself registered shall we" Mathias said confidently.

As he stepped through the front doors he looked to see a whole bunch of trainers and pokemon all he could say to the sight was "wow, all these people are here to train to become better trainers". Mathias however was at the academy for more reasons then just to be a better trainer, he was also there for training to be a gym leader which had been his life long dream since he was ten when his house burned down and his parents went with it. But putting that thought aside he walked up to the registration desk and filled all the papers out, it was official he was a student of the PKMN academy.

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