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Re: PKMN Academy [PG to PG-13]

~ Gotta catch em all Pokemon~
A alarm clock shape of a snorlax just started to play ♪ Gotta catch em all♪ song
~ Gotta catch em all Pokemon!~
A young delicate hand reach out to turn off the clock
" I was sooo exitcited yesterday that I couldnt go asleep"
~ Nishi started to look for something or someone
" Spirit are you ready boy! Today is our first day in PKMN!...... Spirit? Spirit?"
A little Cyndaquil pop out, wearing blue pajamas with a little blue hat.
Always happy to see his master Spirit cuddles with Nishi
" Let's get ready Spirit! I want to be the very first person for the welcoming cermony"
" But what to wear?"
Spirit jumps out of bed, and point a black kimono that Nishi has in his closet.
"That one?....... Fine I wear that, but you know the rules okay"
Nishi pick up Spirit, and dresses him up,
" There now we will match"
Nishi change his pajamas into his kimono
Both Nishi and Spirit where both wearing a black kimono
" Alright, we're ready! Let's make mom proud of us Spirit!
Looking kinda shame at first, but Spirit yell out with energy
" Henshin A Go Go Baby!"
~ Nishi and Spirit left their room, ready to begin their first day in the academy
Well, I try my best XD since I never did this before ^^
im not very to sure if we are suppose to do our own or something?
Just make sure to me if i did something wrong or something Kate ^~^
I'll fix it later

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