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Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!

I pick up the Bracelet and regard it intensely, my eyes open wide as I read a small inscription on the back. "Most of them are nice..." My voice seemed a bit too calm for what I just heard "Shes just a black sheep, as the saying goes... But this is something new entirely, She wouldn't actually give this kind of thing to me, even as a carrier, she keeps anything that can be useful. This was truely sent by Julie, its protected so that only I can use it... Still I don't like the fact it was in her hands, one of these scrapings must be a fake or something. I wont use it..." I ponder for a moment... "Lets do a test run shall we?" I look to Skylark who was quivering with anger at being called a reptile.

Sky nodshis head to confirm his mistresses words and speaks in a almost high pitched tone. "We do not have time to waste by going to the town, if that bacelet is what it's supposed to be then I will be able to fly us all there." He kept it short and snappy. Human language is not for his throat.

The large moon was halfway set and the sun seemed to be coming up extra slowly. the stars wer now fading to the sunlight with a small amount of clouds raking across the sky.


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