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Re: The Destiny.

"WHERE IS IT!!" a bellowing voice came from the entry way, pushing Missy into a wall, a black jagged edged sword creeped to her neck.

"i...dont...know what your talking about.." she choked from two black gloved hands around her neck, hoisting her in the air.

"dont play dumb with me my dear sister, i KNOW your HIDING where...WHERE IS IT!?" he growled throwing her to the floor, his red and black wings flapped strong, whipping up dirt.

"your not scaring anyone, Blake.." she said getting up, brushing off dirt.
"then i'll have at this little game of were always the weak one, the one born in the favor of the'll be easy to kill"
"and you the favor of the darkness.." she retorted back to him. "how blind must you be? so arrogent and impure.."
"Stop talking like your a saint, your just as much a sinner as i."
Missy lowered her head. " that you are right, Blake. You and I... we were natural born sinners..." she then looked up to him. "but i never killed anyone, like you.."
Blake, her brother growled as he took out his sword, Missy was quick to follow. As the siblings crossed blades their swords made a red glow when they touched.
"I WANT THAT SOURCE OF POWER! i heard it...i felt it.. it came from HERE..." ..he leaned in close.. "so...where is he..?" he snickered. "wheres ..who..?" Missy whispered. The two shook with the strength at both their blades, giving them all their energy, Blake burst Missy away as she fell on the floor, but in a quick recovery jetted her blade out to him as she slowly rose. Blake laughed a hearty laugh, swiping his blade off her shoulder, "AH!" she cried out as her blood fell to the floor making her drop her sword. " that all you got, Demon of Light..?" Her red eyes met his purple eyes. "no...not even close.." She shakily picked up her sword and aimed it at him, despite her injured shoulder. She charged at him as the swords clanged, resulting in Blake being forced onto a rock being pinned against his back, his sword lay on the ground beside him, Missys blade tip dug into his chest. "go right ahead...jam it in..i dare you... OH whats this..? you dont have it in you, half cant kill me.." Blake smirked. Missys face slowly became relaxed from her angered appearance as she sheathed her sword slowly. "Im sorry much as i want to...your still my brother..and i still love you." she closed her eyes as she backed away. "now get out..." she pointed to the entrance turning away from him. "Dear sister..." he got up and laid a finger under her chin. "this isnt over...i've always hated you...and whatever that power was... will be mine...and soon i'll be the greatest demon in the world..." he lingered at the doorway. Missy shook her head sadly, meeting his her eyes filled with tears. "...and that will be the day i wont let you...because you are still and always will be half human, and will always be my brother and that is something you and i can never i've told you before and i will tell you again. I love you. i dont love what your doing or who you've become. But i wont let you get away with hurting others if i can help it.." Blake just and only laughed. "oh dear me.. i almost shed a tear, NOT!!!... i'll be back, hope you dont miss me while im gone.." he sneered. "...i do miss you Blake..." she said holding her injured shoulder, her blood pouring out of the gaps inbetween her fingers. "...i've missed out having a brother who loved me back as his only sister all my life..we've all we got in this world...there are no others like us, we're different from the rest." Blake rolled his eyes, "women talk...all they do is blabber.." he drew out a small knife and chucked it at Missy, catching her left hand, and going straight through. "you can keep that as a gift..from me to you for sharing that heart to heart with me..arent i nice? didnt you want a brother who gave gifts? you got what you asked for..." he chuckled as Missy grabbed her left hand in pain, staring at the knife. "LEAVE!!" she screamed giving him a painful death glare. "fine..i'll be back you just wait...and when i do, you wont get off so easily...this time you got lucky.." he said as he vanished into the night.

Missy sighed as she sat on a rock, trying to wiggle free the knife from her hand, as she breathed in anger, tears cascading down her face, her body trembling from her brothers appearance. Yes he was stronger than her, but she knew one day it would destroy him...She gulped as she squeaked "you can come out now, Priest..." she wiped her tears away trying to act strong, as if nothing ailed her as she slowly started to wedge the knife out of her hand.

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