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The Destiny.

Open to all sort of creative roleplay! no style is reccomended though i (prefer storybook style, it doesnt have to be). This is a make up as you go roleplay, based on what happens in the last post, you respond accordingly (like an actual conversation). All i ask is that you keep it PG and that it makes sense! to make this interesting, this one, im going to encourage only O.C's (original characters ) only! i'll make more roleplays like this if mine seem to take off, and instead of just O.C's i'll do roleplays with Anime characters. If you have an O.C. picture you'd like to share or a background history that would be helpful but is not recommended! thank you! is my OC, she's half demon half human. to make a long story short, her mother was human, her father was a demon. Missys embryo was tossed to the eternal black abyss, and turned into a star within a week along with her Brother. Missys star before birth collided with her brothers star in an unusual orbit, causing it to fly past the sun, in return, Missy received the gift of goodness and light, while her brother hurdled away from the sun, giving him the gift of the darkness and evil..Ever since the two siblings have fought to bring peace to one another.

(anyone want to start?)
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