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Recomendations of mangas

I usually don't hear as much as i would like to about really good series of mangas that are really good but people just don't spend the time to read them.
Here are two of my favorites and why i recommend them.

Negima! is an amazing series written by Ken Akamatsu, there is the funny romance involved throughout the entirety of the series but it also as the story progresses and characters become stronger, a lot better action parts that just blew me away. Also it is kinda like a pre harem because he is surounded by beautiful women.

Kimi no Iru Machi is a romantic comedy written by Kouji Seo, the author of Suzuka. This is based on a girl who comes to live with Haruto in the rural areas when she is from Tokyo. The books are filled with amazingly funny parts and even touching parts. I can't stop reading it.

Please give one or two recommendations to mangas u really liked.
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