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DragonBall Z: Resurrection of F


DBZ: Fukatsu no F (DBZ: Resurrection of F) is an up and coming DragonBall Z film for this April.

Loyal soldiers of Frieza's army have come to Earth to use the Dragon Balls to resurrect Frieza, but Frieza has become stronger since his time in hell. Frieza's stunning new powerful form makes it's appearance.

Theme song "F" by Maximum the Hormone

Trunks: Frieza!
Narrator: At last, the emperor returns.
Narrator: He has but one goal: revenge against Son Goku.
Frieza: Now, shall we begin?
("F" by Maximum the Hormone)
Frieza: Allow me to show you how further evolved I have become.
Frieza: Now, let us continue with my revenge.
Goku: Frieza!
("Z no Chikai" by Momoiro Clover)
Frieza: Vegeta, I offer you the highest command in my army.
Narrator: What cruelty lies at the end of this heroic battle?
Beerus: He imitated your naivete. It is the end for you.

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