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Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)

And now, for a quick peek into the private chat of 91.8 Staff.

[3:15:25 PM] christmas4477: Oh Siege
[3:16:04 PM] Siege: ?
[3:16:32 PM] christmas4477: Do you know what the spoiler for Citizen Kane is
[3:16:38 PM] Siege: Yes.
[3:16:45 PM] christmas4477: They burned his sled
[3:17:16 PM] Siege: Yeah?
[3:18:02 PM] christmas4477: Oh come on, I thought you'd get that
[3:18:57 PM] Siege: OH
[3:19:02 PM] Siege: It's been a while
[3:19:35 PM] Siege: Gonna have to get my wordplay chops up to par before I go on again.
[3:19:59 PM] christmas4477: Or in that romantic comedy this summer where the dude's relationship wasn't working out because of his bear
[3:20:03 PM] christmas4477: He kept getting
[3:20:10 PM] christmas4477: Burned by Ted
[3:20:22 PM] Siege: These are wonderful
[3:20:25 PM] Siege: I need these
[3:20:27 PM] Siege: I will take them
[3:20:57 PM] christmas4477: This is what happens when I sit in traffic and Burn My Dread comes on my ipod
[3:21:42 PM] christmas4477: Best way to prevent the zombie apocalypse
[3:21:50 PM] christmas4477: Burn the dead
[3:22:34 PM] Siege: The host of Extreme Home Makeover went on a killing spree
[3:22:36 PM] Siege: With a flamethrower
[3:22:42 PM] Siege: "Burn," Ty said
[3:23:16 PM] christmas4477: I heard someone's tires spin out
[3:23:19 PM] christmas4477: He must have
[3:23:23 PM] christmas4477: Burned his treads
[3:23:28 PM] Eternal Scholar: ....
[3:23:35 PM] Eternal Scholar: The ♫♫♫♫'s gotten into you two
[3:23:49 PM] Siege: God, Scholar
[3:23:58 PM] Siege: You're all the way on the other side of the room
[3:24:01 PM] Siege: I'm gonna have to
[3:24:03 PM] Siege: Turn my head
[3:25:08 PM] Eternal Scholar: Christmas I hate you for this
[3:25:17 PM] Siege: Say, Christmas, do you know what Roti is?
[3:25:22 PM] christmas4477: I do not
[3:25:27 PM] Siege: Wow Christmas
[3:25:31 PM] Siege: You really need to
[3:25:33 PM] Siege: Learn Thai Breads
[3:25:55 PM] Eternal Scholar: These are certainly interesting I'll say that
[3:26:00 PM] Siege: (I googled the name of a bread made in Thailand just for that wordplay)
[3:26:31 PM] christmas4477: My dad wants to move the little building out back where he keeps his motorcycle
[3:26:38 PM] christmas4477: He's gonna have me
[3:26:43 PM] christmas4477: Turn my shed
[3:27:46 PM] Elk: My dad was really getting on my case last night. but I showed him who was boss.
Stern guy bled.
[3:27:53 PM] Eternal Scholar: ....
[3:28:04 PM] Eternal Scholar: Where's my gun...
[3:28:19 PM] christmas4477: Oddly enough, I found this comic on Halolz
[3:28:21 PM] christmas4477:
[3:28:25 PM] christmas4477: Looks like Link
[3:28:32 PM] christmas4477: Burned the shed
[3:28:35 PM] Siege: Came down with Tuberculosis the other day
[3:28:42 PM] Siege: So to keep it from spreading, we had to
[3:28:45 PM] Siege: Burn My Threads
[3:29:24 PM] Elk: I caught it before he managed to do that, so I
learned my meds.

I had to know what to take to keep healthy.
[3:29:32 PM] christmas4477: I want a new mattress
[3:29:35 PM] christmas4477: But they cost a lot
[3:29:38 PM] christmas4477: I'll have to
[3:29:41 PM] christmas4477: Earn my bed
[3:30:32 PM] Siege: I can get you a job to help you get money for a mattress, Christmas
[3:30:42 PM] Siege: I know this guy that owns a plant shop down the road
[3:30:45 PM] Siege: "Ferns by Ted"
[3:31:09 PM] christmas4477: I'm gonna go post this in the forums

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