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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

If it's too late, ignore this. If not, woot!

Account Name: Kate

Character Name: Kate

Age: 19

Weight: Thin, 112lbs.

Height: Average, 5'7

Eye Color
: Hazel

Hair Color
: Brown

Skin Tone: Slightly tan

: Kate is a kind-hearted girl who cares about others more than herself. She tries to help as much as she can when it comes to solving problems, working, and helping other people. Having a love for children, she tends to play with them whenever she gets the chance. While using magic, or anything else needed for it, she has a great focus and concentration.

She can be random at any given moment, usually to help cheer up friends or people. She can also be klutzy at times, usually tripping. When it comes to magic Kate gets all interested, mostly fully interested when it's something she doesn't know. Her attitude easily changes when she's serious or angry. She yells and says stuff she doesn't mean when angered.

Personal History: Growing up in a village with a normal family, Kate was like any other child with a brother, sister, mother, and father. Her father had began to teach her magic at the age of ten, learning the basic spells like summoning fire and using healing abilities. At the age of thirteen, she had lost her father. As a result, her personality changed. She quickly had to grow up faster than anyone else and become the responsible older sister. During times alone, she continued to practice her magic soon advancing the spells her father taught her.

At the age of seventeen, she had left to travel to where ever fate had in store for her.

Good or Bad: Good

  • Learning all she could from her mother, Kate is a great cook.
  • A huge knowledge of magic.
  • She's good at certain puzzles. These puzzles are usually math or moving objects around.
  • Very agile.

  • Kate has moments of becoming very clumsy either from tripping on objects (like rocks, sticks, etc) to tripping on absolutely nothing. This usually happens on the most unexpected times or when she doesn't want it to happen.
  • The sight of people suffering saddens her, especially those that are close to her. Such thing can affect her magic greatly to the point where she might not be able to control it correctly. Anger is also included in this list as well.
  • The two animals she has a fear of, snakes and spiders. She can't stand the sight of these and panics whenever there's one nearby, even if it's the tiniest spider.

Weapon: None. She prefers magic over weaponry.

Magic (Defenses/Other)
  • Heal - Can heal the wounds of one person.
  • Heal Group - Can heal more than one person that's around her. She can use it multiple times, however the more people it's used on, the more energy it consumes.
  • Barrier - Used to protect from attacks. How much power it can withstand depends on how much energy is put into the defense spell.
  • Poison Cure - Can cure poison.

Magic (Attack)
  • Wind Scythe - Commands the winds to become a blade-like strike on whoever it's casted on. The stronger the winds are, the more damage it inflicts to the target.
  • Fire Ball - Basic fire attack that creates balls of fire and launches them at the target.
  • Lightning Surge - A powerful lightning based spell the builds up the energy within her body, transforming it into lightning and firing it at her target. This takes much focus, though.
  • Ice Tornado - Water begins to form a waterspout around the target. Seconds later, parts of the spout turns into ice and hits the foe continuously.
  • Glomp - When all else fails, build up some quick power and tackle hug the opponent.
-Also, some minor elemental spells too-

Picture: It's just the outfit and hair style. Nothing else.


If anything needs to be changed, PM me.
Need something new. Until then, Oshawott disguised as Piplup!

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