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Re: Top 10 Consoles

Top 10 (top 5 has info)
10: Genesis
9: DS
8: NES
7: PS3
5: Game Cube
There are a few games for this system that i still enjoyed. Still looking for F-Zero
4: PS2
In my teen years, this was my most loved console. It got this high cause of backwards playability.
3: PSP
I am a sucker for on the go games
2: N64
This system got me into 90% of my games. My gateway to being a gamer.
1: Dreamcast
But this system i took care of the most (till i lost it). I had Jet Grind, i had Sonic Adventures, Even Marvel VS Capcom 2 and other fighting games. This system could of been the greatest block but PS2 had to come out and literally stab it to death behind a shower curtain.

and now the other awards.
Best Home Arcade Games: Neo-Geo
Best Controller: Atari and the joystick+ 1 button combo
Most boring console: Wii (i have a working NES, SNES and N64 to play what i love.)
Most competitive Console: Xbox 360
And the Life Achievement goes to...
Magnavox Odyssey for starting the home console trend!

Oh and don't forget, The only new gen console i am playing vaguely is PS3. Xbox needs a monthly fee plus the points, and The Wii is only good for games i may never get.

I am a Zombie in this place.
Slow but still alive! (somewhat)

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