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Re: Otakon 2013

Originally Posted by Kayarath View Post
Well ChefLelouch wanting in, it's quickly becoming a "cram as many people in a hotel room as possible" scenario. We're up to 5 potential peeps now. I hope you're all okay with that.

As for any interviews, they tend to be a long shot. Everybody's gonna want to interview her so we might not get it. Also, you can't see us interview her ChefLelouch; it's press only :P
You have no idea here in acen for the dep of IRT sometimes they have up to 8 people per room and most of the time the room has always some sleeping

And yea I know what you mean with "press only" afther al I'm staff member in 3 cons in the chicago are and rules are rules

And well that does not mean that ypu cant tell me how did it go afterwards lol
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