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PhotoshopSunday- new forum fan show

PhotoshopSunday is a show I created on March 7, 2010. That Sunday, I made a photoshop of Haruhi Suzumiya + Modern Warfare 2 poster due to boredom. Since I have no Real Life Activities™ on that day, I really have nothing to do so here I am making this show.

So here's the basic summary: people suggest poster I should make of two animes or anime + something else combined together in this thread and I select the best one, possibly the best two and I photoshop it on Sunday. I put "Idea by ______" at the bottom of it. Everything will be collected in this thread. I'm not VERY experienced at Photoshop, but I'm hoping to get better at it with this show.

Note: If there are no requests one week, I'll use the ones from previous weeks!


First show:
Second show:
Third show(optional):
Any pictures you want to be in the photoshop:
Title in the photoshop:
Anything Else I should know:

2)Only one suggestion a week per poster
3)Just keep it PG-13
4)No idea stealing
5)Must have some kind of anime reference in it

Here's a default post for one:

Call of Duty: Haruhi Suzumiya 2


Idea by dragonnewby

Other user-made:

Breast of both worlds

Idea by EagleEyes, Created by Oni

Hoping for you to join me soon!
Mionism: Wait... what?

PhotoshopSunday: Photoshop for The Fans!

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