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Kate 01-20-2010 09:18 AM

Anime and Video Tournament
Okay.. I see nothing going on in here. So, I guess I'll be the first to start up the Roleplay section. This one will be a simply roleplay, just to get everyone going.

Welcome to the first ever Anime and Video Game Tournament! Characters from all over the world are here to compete for the title of Anime and Game Tournament Champion. This is the first tournament with anime and video game characters fighting head-to-head. One character will shine while the rest return home in defeat.

Characters will fight in one-on-one matches every round. Weapons, powers, techniques, etc. are allowed. Battles are chosen randomly and cannot be changed. Whoever you fight, you fight. The winner of the match will move onto the next and one step closer to victory. So, good luck.

Who will make it to the top and earn the title of Anime and Video Game Tournament Champion?

1. No Godmodding. (Also in this category, No characters such as Lelouch and Light *one hit people*)
2. No immortal characters. (example: Ryuk)
3. Keep swearing to a minimum.
4. Try to roleplay the character(s) you selected as close as you can to their original.
5. If your character is announced as the next fighter, you must post within 24 hours of the time you are announced.
6. Battles will be 5 post minimum and max is whenever a character is defeated or surrenders.
7. You're allowed to have a max of 2 characters.
8. If your character loses, they're allowed to stay and watch the matches or leave. Don't spam while doing this.
9. Once the first battle starts, registration will be closed.
10. At least 12 people can register.
11. Type, "I've read all the rules." in bold. (don't need ")

Anime or Video Game?:
Name of Anime: (only if your character is from an anime)
Name of Video Game: (only if your character is from a video game)
Information About the Character (at least a paragraph):

Ok, here's my two characters.

Name: Dark Magician Girl
Anime or Video Game?: Anime
Name of Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh
Information About the Character: One of many monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. She has been used by a few people, but her main user is Yugi Moto. Magician Girl is a Dark Attribute Spellcaster monster. She can use several spell cards to gain her a powerboost or help defend herself. For the tournament, Dark Magician Girl can only use five spell cards. These selected cards can only be used once per round.

Name: Colette Brunel
Anime or Video Game: Video Game (and anime)
Name of Video Game: Tales of Symphonia
Information About the Character: Colette is one of several people who journeyed around Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. She is considered the Chosen of Sylvarant. Colette is a klutz at heart, tripping at the most unusually times. She tries not to get anyone to worry about her too much (this happening through her Chosen process). Her weapon of choice is Chakrams and has the ability to use the power she gained from the World Regeneration journey.

Dark Magician Girl and Colette - Kate
Azure Kite and Feitan - Stone
Agito and Misty - Eagle
Vegito - Zero
Demi-Fiend and Dad - Rocco

Stone 01-20-2010 10:11 AM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Name: Azure Kite
Anime or Video Game?: Video Game
Name of Video Game: .hack
Information About the Character: Azure Kite is one of the few near perfect AI´s in the .hack//series that can think and speak for themselves to some extent. In battle he either uses his dual swords named 'Empty Skies', his bracelet with which he can weaken enemies or an azure flame to create a barrier from some attacks. He excells in speed and toughness, lacks but defense and attack.

Name: Feitan
Anime or Video Game?: Anime
Name of Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Information About the Character (at least a paragraph): Feitan is an expert swordsman and assassin from the world of HunterxHunter. He is not very tough, but his speed, agility and skill exceed even more so when there is no or little light. His weapon of choice is a sword concealed by an umbrella with no hand guard whatsoever, while still concealed, he can use his umbrella also as a gun. Feitan is fast enough to leave after images while he moves, due to rapid movement. His special skill is to change all the pain he received in a fight until that point into power and then release it all at once, this explosion of power can level buildings.

I've read all the rules.

EagleEyes 01-20-2010 03:54 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament

Name: Agito
Anime or Video Game: Anime
Name of Video Game: Air Gear
Information About the Character: He is the Fang King (a.k.a the Shark) with a split-personality. Akito is the "light" side while Agito is the "dark" side. With the return of his Regalia, he is, once again, the Fang King of the Bloody Road. Being able to fire "fangs" of razor sharp wind at his opponents and tear them to shreads with his hooked coat tails, also come at a great advantage in battle.


Name: Misty
Anime or Video Game: Anime and Video Games
Name of Video Game: Pokemon
Information About the Character: Misty is the leader of the Cerulean Gym, specialising in water pokemon. Not doing her fighting directly, each turn she will select a new pokemon to battle for her. Wanting to prove she is the greatest water pokemon trainer, she will be looking to sink her opponents.

I Have Read The Rules!

Zero Gravity 01-20-2010 04:23 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Name: Vegito
Anime or Video Game?: Anime
Name of Anime: DragonBallZ
Information About the Character: Vegito is the result of a fusion between Goku and Vegeta through the meathod of the patora earrings without the need for the Fusion Dance and it's requirements. Unlike the dance however, the fusion using the earrings has no time limit, thus the fusion is permenant. In his normal state, his weakest form, he is much strong then a Super Sayian 3, as shown when SS3 Goku and SS3 Gotenks where matched or weaker then Buu. It is unknown if he can progress all the way to Super Sayian 2, 3 or 4, but it's believed he can. His weakness is his over confidence in his power and his constant toying with his enemies.

I've read all the rules

Kate 01-20-2010 04:25 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Stone: Good!
Eagle: I know you're still working on yours, but don't forget a rule.
Zero: You forgot too. Also, you're using a Gundam??? O_O

Zero Gravity 01-20-2010 07:35 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
I forgot too what?
Well I didn't think Athrun Zala could fight without his Gundam o_o;;;

Rocco 01-20-2010 10:31 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Sounds fun

Name: Demi-Fiend
Video/Anime: Video
Game: SMT Nocturne
Info: The silent, demonic hero of SMT Nocturne. Changed into a demon after his world ended. He can summon various demons to aid him in combat in various ways. In the Tournament he will only be able to summon one at a time. In addition before each match he can ingest one of many Magatama to alter his skill set.


Character 2:

Name: Dad or Mr. Egbert
Video/Anime: Game
Game: HomeStuck
Info: A simple suburban Father raising his son, John Egbert, He has an affinity for harelquinns, smoking pipes and baking. However, after certain cataclysmic events, Dad's true nature was revealed. A nature of true badassery. Able to lift massive vault doors and punch people through castle walls. As well as a multitude of lethal prankster tools and deadly baked goods.

John Egbert's father, brandishing his Artifact of Confection

Note the broken jail bars and the safe above Dad's head. Also note the look of pure terror on the Shale Imp's face.

I have read the rules

Kate 01-20-2010 10:59 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Eagle, Zero, and Rocoo: All good!

*adds to list* When I wake up, we can begin. =]
To those who have one character: You can always enter another before the first battle. Giving the heads up to anyone.

Kate 01-21-2010 11:41 AM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Okay, it's just like your basic roleplays on the internet. XP
And, oh yeah, quick note. I've done plenty of these roleplays with Dark Magician Girl. She's just a personal favorite in this. Colette is new, so I have no idea what will happen.

Today was the start of the new tournament. This was opened up to a whole new class, though. With news about the opening day, people lined up to get their ticket inside. Some had waited overnight to try and get the best seats. Others came as morning became noon. The tournament tickets usually sold at a pretty fast rate.

The first competitor to arrive was a female spellcaster. Most of her outfit was pink and blue. She was one of the familiar faces to these type of tournaments. The magician has appeared in several tournaments in the past, only winning twice. She was use to the cheers of the crowd seating in the stands. The only thing she still needed to get use to was the overly excited crowd outside of the stadium.

Ugh, not again.., thought the women, pushing her way through the crowds. This would be so much easier if I could use my magic.

Some of the children within the crowd spotted her. They smiled in joy and ran over to her. "Dark Magician Girl, you're entering the tournament?"

Magician Girl nodded. "Mhm," she replied, "I really enjoy the competition here."

"Well, good luck!" The children returned to their families.

She made her way inside a building for competitors to register. The blonde female walked up to the registration counter. There was a burnett haired female behind the counter, waiting patiently for people to register. She looked straight ahead as the magician walked up with a smile on her face.

"Hello, may I help you?" said the female.

"Yes, I would like to sign up for the tournament, please."


"Dark Magician Girl," the spellcaster replied.

The woman began to input her name into a computer. They waited ten seconds until the computer would accept Magician Girl's name. A pass printed from a printer next to the computer. "Welcome to the tournament, Dark Magician Girl." She handed her a pass. "This pass will allow you to access anywhere in the building except staff rooms. Good luck."

The blonde-haired spellcaster gazed at the pass, then bowed her head. "Thank you."

Magician Girl entered the stadium. There were signs directing to a few rooms. One was the training room, while the other was the waiting room. She entered the waiting room. It was silent and empty since she was the first to arrive. The walls of the room were painted a light gray. The steel benches were shiny and smooth. She leaned against the wall and patiently waited for anyone else to enter.

Zero Gravity 01-21-2010 12:05 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
Without warning, the Fused Sayian entered the waiting room, not by walking but by sudden appearance with a loud sound. In his blue and orange outfit, he unfolded him arms clenching his right hand as though crushing something. "YEAH!!!!!" he would yell, the sounds of two people coming from his voice.

He would take his left leg and tap the tip of his boot on the ground a few times, he was ready for this, hoping to find someone that would let him push his power higher then Majin Buu could.

"Hah, doesn't matter how many people there are.. instant transmission! Thats the only way to get places!" he said with his double voice, energetic, a natural emotion he had from Goku's personality.

He would look around the room. "Where am I now?" He would take notice of the blonde girl in the magic outfit. He was undoubtedly taller then her by a good two ft. He looked over her like an artitian looking over a statue.

"Hm.... blonde hair.... a wand, a hat that barley fits, no pants... no shoulder support." He would say as though he was criticizing her.

"Look little girl if you think that look will stop everyone from attacking you, then you obviously haven't met a true warrior like myself!" He said, his cockiness coming from Vegeta's side.

Stone 01-21-2010 01:38 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
'The world'.

Only these two words suddenly appeared on one of the computer in the lobby in a weird outdated textform not anymore used on any modern pc, no pc should even had these, but they were still there. Written with a dark blue color, quickly becoming bigger. The worker sitting on that computer noticing that tried several things, until he tried to pull the plug, nothing else happened. But as he pulled it, the screen became black, but the words were still there.

Suddenly the words changed to ' W€%c&me ?o ?he Wo"%= ' and the weird sounds came fom the monitor as if it was processing something, which it shouldn´t. Sudden silence followed. Multiple people were now standing before the computer and looked all in awe and quiet at these words, which still seemed to grow, the colors became more intense and suddenly the words seemed to burn in a cold azure flame.

But it wasn´t the words that were burning but the monitor and then the table and slowly the flame grew and grew, until... The flame suddenly concentrated on one point, forming a small ball of maybe 15inches diameter which slowly waved from one point to another.

Inside of these flames numerous zeros and ones could be seen just swaying around like they were dancing. Then, without a sound, the ball emitted a blending light and suddenly a person stood where before had been the flame. He was wearing a weird stitched outfit mainly colored blue and brown, a big hat and a bag on his back. Slowly his head moved up and he looked around with a cold glare, his eyes of a electrified green, like a screen. While smiling wildly, showing his sharp teeth, he began to move swayingly seemingly not noticing anyone around him.

Like a zombie, he made his way to the desk where one could register for the tournament and stretched out his hand as if expecting somehing. As he saw that he wasn´t getting anything, he slowly began talking slurred like a machine: "I´m here to register for the tournament, could you register me as Kite?" This was followed what could be interpreted as a smile, if it weren´t for the razorsharp teeth as if he was a carnivorous.

As Kite saw that the lady began to type it in, he slowly made his way to the waiting room to wait there until he would be called. As he reached the door, he opened it.

Kate 01-21-2010 03:49 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
About five minutes after the first competitor signed up, another had appeared. Her name was Colette. She's sixteen years old, and also had blonde hair. Around her neck was a gold Key Crest with a red gem in the center. Her outfit was mostly white with the exception of a blue trimming around part of her clothes. Placed behind her back were silver chakrams. Underneath her skirt was slightly tight black pants. This was followed by also white shoes.

Colette was confused on her whereabouts. There were many people trying to get in via buying a ticket. Over by the audience entrance was a security guard. The teenager smiled and made her way over to him.

"Excuse me," she asked. "Can you tell me where the registration booth for this tournament is, please?"

The man glanced at her. He pointed in the direction to the booth. "Just go a little further to the right and you'll find an entrance for competitors."

"Thank you!"

She continued walking to the right for another minute or so. Soon, she came up to some clear double doors which, from the other side, showed a women behind a booth. Taking a deep breath, the nervous maiden opened one of the doors. Entering the building, one step after another, she tried to calm herself down. Approaching the women, she was now about to enter the tournament.

Meanwhile in the Waiting Room, a male fighter had entered. He had took notice of the female magician who was leaning against the wall. He checked out her outfit design. Magician Girl looked over at him. Then, the fighter spoke.

"Look, little girl. If you think that look will stop everyone from attacking you, then you obviously haven't met a true warrior like myself!" he said, very cocky.

"It never happened yet," she replied. "Though, you shouldn't jump the gun about a person so very quickly from their outfit. Who knows, this 'little girl' could beat you. Not by looks, but by power." She gave off a quick smirk.

Colette had finished registration. She made her way over to the Waiting Room. The girl soon noticed a male figure with stitches on his clothing about to enter as well. Spotting him, she remembered how hard the tournament could be, especially not knowing who she could be up against.

Don't worry, Lloyd. I'll do my best. For everyone.

Rocco 01-21-2010 06:54 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
The Demi-Fiend appeared inside the lobby with black shockwave. Slowly standing he eyed his surroundings. Numerous patrons stopped and stared not only at the entrance he made but at Demi-Fiend himself. Shirtless, covered in green and black tatoos a large spike sticking out of the base of his neck and a cold, disapproving expression. Ignoring the on-lookers the Demi-Fiend approached the counter, the woman behind the desk began to blush furiously when she looked up at him.

"M-may I h-help you?" She finally said.

"...I want to register," He replied coldly "...For the tournament."

"Oh! o-okay, um, whats your name?"

"...I am the Demi-Fiend..."

"Er, okay," She nervously fumbled with her keyboard but was eventualy able to print a pass "Here you go sir."

He stared at the woman for a few moments longer then took the pass. He looked around and saw a door labeled "Waiting Room". Entering the room he saw 2 blonde girls, a blond man and a strange boy. He sighed disappointedly.

"If this is all that this world has..." He thought as he sat down on one of the benches "It is surely doomed..."

Zero Gravity 01-21-2010 11:59 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
He would turn his head to the side as though ignoring her as his right eye opened to look at her, giving her a smirk.

"Heh, you'll have to pull off every trick you know if you wanna beat me" he said in a cocky attitude. He would then pat her head. Like she was a little girl.
"But don't worry! I'll go easy on you!" he would say, it was hard to tell his personality somewhat, he had Vegeta's pride but in the form of Goku's goofiness.

He would then see the guy in stitches and fold his arms again. "Hmmm now I know I've forgotten something..." he said holding his own chin, thinking in deep thought.

EagleEyes 01-22-2010 03:58 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
A flurry of fiery orange hair shot past the window, weaving through the sea of unfamiliar faces. Her newly hatched Azurill poking its head out of her shoulder bag to observe to commotion. She continued to bob through the crowed surfacing only to gasp for air.

This would be so much easier if Ash ever paid me back for my bike, she thought, diving through the front door.

She arrived at the front desk, tripping on the carpet. Lunging forward she lands awkwardly onto a roller blade clad young man, not much older than herself. Dropping her bags over the ground her Pokéballs fall everywhere and the young Azurill begins to cry.

The orange haired girl scampered to collect her Pokéballs as her Psyduck decided to release itself at the worst possible time.

"WHAT THE F#%$ DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" The boy screeched, slamming the yellow duck into the counter.


Grabbing his pass the boy skates off leaving the red head to collect her things. The brunet haired female behind the counter arose from her seat to comfort the weeping Azurill. The Red head also got the her feet, stuffing her possessions deep into her bag.

"I'm misty, Leader of the Cerulean Gym........ I am meant to be in the tournament. If you don't mind me asking, who was that?"

"Agito" She replied with little emotion. She gave Misty back her now calm Azurill and placed the pass in her hand as she returned to her seat.

"Welcome to the tournament, Misty." She said abruptly. "This pass will allow you to access anywhere in the building except staff rooms. Good luck."

The water Pokémon trainer looked at her Psyduck and headed for the waiting room.
"This is gonna be a headache......."

Rocco 01-22-2010 10:22 PM

Re: Anime and Video Tournament
An assuming man in business attire strode up to the counter where the brunette sat, judging from her expression she was almost at wits end. While his expression was quite blank, he spoke in a warm, caring manner, he smelled of baked goods.

'Excuse me," the man said removing his pipe to talk " I would like to register for this tournament."

"Okay," The brunette said trying to sound cheeerful "...Your name"

"Mr. Egbert,"

The woman entered the name and handed him the pass

"Here you go Mr. Egbert. Goodluck"

"Thank you he replied," He said taking the pass and giving the woman a small cake "Take this, it looks like you need a little boost"

As he returned the pipe to his lips, he looked around the lobby and noticed the waiting room. As he entered he noticed it was quite full, a few girls a blonde man, and a few boys that could be John's age. Nonetheless he looked around the room not much to do, except wait, so he sat next to the dark haired boy with the tatoos. He looked at him and decided that judging by the boys cold stare it would be a good idea not to speak with him

"If my son looked like that," He thought "He would get such a sassacre-ing"


The Demi-Fiend looked at the man who entered, he seemed to be quite powerful despite with homely exterior. In fact, he was able to get a better feel for the people that would be his opponents. While he may have under-estimated them initialy, they still seemed nothing special. Except for the boy in orange, for some reason he could not sense anything about him, as if his whole being was foreign to this world. As of now, he believed his greatest threats to be the strange boy, the blond man and the man with the pipe. He was growing impatient, he was running out of time and fast. He looked around, it appears he wasn't the only one itching to get started. From his pocket he withdrew a small creature resembling a worm with teeth, he quickly popped it in his mouth and swallowed. despite losing his humanity long ago, he still hated how the magatama felt as it worked its way through him. He felt the usual jolt as his mind changed and his tatoos slightly shifted and changed color. He retreated to the darkness the demon inside him granted and slept.

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