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91.8 The Fan

Detailed Forum Rules
Before reading the rules please keep it mind it is within our right to terminate an account at any time as stated by our Terms Of Service, "Membership in 91.8 The Fan is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny service to any person at any time without cause. 91.8 The Fan also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any posting (including email) by you, or to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of the Website and/or Services at any time, within reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability."

Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behavior. As such, the forum moderators and administrators shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate.

Please make sure to read all the following rules in their entirety, and know that by signing up with a forum account you have agreed to said guidelines.

Policy I (General Behavior)
We would like all users to keep in mind that their behavior is constantly examined to what 91.8 The Fan considers their standards. In abnormal cases, our past experiences with you will be a defining factor in the treatment you receive on our forums, as such we would like to make it known that we expect everyone to be reasonably mature.

We will not tolerate a sense of close minded arguments, any sort of insults (racial or otherwise), or general obscenity. A good deal of these are bannable offenses, and should be avoided under all circumstances (Please refer to Policy XI). We will also not tolerate any links to anime torrents, illegal anime streaming sites, manga, other media, and the likes (Please refer to Policy V). 91.8 The Fan supports the industry, and we'd like our members to do the same. In conjunction, do not talk about your illegal habits or encourage other users to steal from the industry.

Please understand that this forum is to promote discussion, and as such we want to avoid spam, one word posts, and the act of trolling (Please refer to Policy VII).

In short, use common sense and remember to be polite.

Policy II (Using Each Section)
Each section of the forum, as you may have noticed, has their own rules to which you must abide by (this also includes the original rules set out on this page). This is to better organize certain sections, and to keep all posts that are written there in line. Always make sure to review each section's rules in full before attempting to start a new thread, respond to a current thread, or report a thread to a moderator. For convenience, we have listed said section rules at the bottom of this page. Feel free to examine them now or when you feel ready to post in said section.

Policy III (Racial & Ethnic)
No promotion of racial or ethnic hate will be tolerated. This includes discussions against a certain race, racial slurs, or associating a race with a symbol. All of these things are frowned down upon and looked at as a bannable offense.

Policy IV (Extreme Sexuality & Violence)
Any links to off-site places or images posted on the forums that involve any nudity (as in the display of male and female genitalia, a woman's chest, or the buttocks of either gender), extreme violence that can cause both mental or emotional trauma, or pornography will not be tolerated. This includes links located in a persons' signature (please see Policy XI for more information).

Anything that falls into the category known as guro will be promptly removed and the user banned for posting such a thing.

Policy V (Real-Life Threats)
Threats or insults of any kind are generally not tolerated at all, and usual members found doing so are given a warning. However, any threats that involve real-life is seen as a serious concern. As such, this is a bannable offense, and will not be tolerated in the slightest. All users are encouraged to report any members who are posting these sort of remarks.

This also includes the release of personal information of a user or 91.8 The Fan staff. There is no reason to disclose any information concerning a person's real-life that could potentially danger them, and this is seen as a bannable offense.

Policy VI (Impersonating A 91.8 The Fan Employee)
If you have found a user attempting to impersonate a 91.8 The Fan employee, please report it immediately!

You can recognize most employees as being on our Staff page located on the main site, or generally by the more notable "staff" image located below the username. Remember: not everyone with a fancy NameTag is an employee!

Anyone caught impersonating a 91.8 The Fan employee or staff member will be immediately banned with no questions asked.

Policy VII (Spamming & Trolling)
It should be outright said that spam and trolls in general piss the 91.8 The Fan staff off. Due to the unrest this generally causes we ask that all users do not respond to threads with one word posts, gibberish, or the same phrase excessively. Trolls are generally identified by their manner in which they interrupt a thread, attempt to cause a fight with users or moderators, or making off-topic posts. This includes duplicate response or threads, posting in the wrong section, and other various actions that disregard the order of the forums themselves.

Abusing the report feature will also be seen as spamming.

Spamming also includes stretching threads with large pictures or excessive lines of text. If it is really needed then please put these in spoiler tags.

Most spammers and trolls are given a warning first, depending on how excessive the action is, but the ban hammer is always at the ready.

Policy VIII (Soliciting)
It should be properly noted that we do not mind links to other websites or links in your signature. In return, we ask that no threads made specifically for advertisement. This includes advertisement for a product, website, function, service, or other property.

Policy IX (Punishments)
Every punishment is dealt with the severity of the action in mind, and is handled solely by the 91.8 The Fan team. Due to this, each handling of the situation can differ, but we will do our best to keep the forums in order. The following are possible outcomes to breaking the rules:

1. An issued warning by a moderator or administrator
2. A ban from a certain section on the forums
3. A temporary ban from our service
4. A permanent ban from our service

If you feel that you have been warned or banned prematurely, please feel free to contact one of our administrators for the reason why. If you feel the punishment was unjust, we ask that the user explains their actions responsibly to a moderator or administrator. It is then up to our digression as to whether we allow you to use our services. If we do not, then our decision is final. If you choose to argue with said decision, your account will be permanently lost.

Policy X (Avatars)
Avatars should not contain any nudity, violence, or offensive nature. For normal users, the avatar size is 100X120 and for our Fanatics the size is 120X120. Fanatics are our donating users, and as such are free to use our service as listed by their Terms Of Service. If you're interested in becoming a Fanatic then please visit our VIP Area on the main site.

Policy XI (Signatures)
Signatures are the same set rules for every user on the forum. As such, please be aware we allow the signature size to be that of 300X700 (300 height; 700 width) with one line of text and one link. In the signature editor found in your User CPU you are restricted to two lines of text so this feature is not abused.

If you have any questions concerning your signature then please ask a moderator or administrator.
Sectional Forum Rules:

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