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Ok so just recently I decided hey lets take one thing I love that being MMO's and make it so everyone can watch how awesome I am or just watch me get utterly destroyed either one works for me. so what I did is I went and made a channel on live stream for when I decide to make it so everyone can watch and determine whether or not this is an game they would like to play themselves or just enjoy watching me play it myself. So in order for me to get this to be very popular and to work out I figured I would get the Viewers and fan's of 918 the fan to chime in and help me choose what MMO's to play. I will also try to do these as a cold play which means I will not have played them before hand. So I will have almost no idea what I'm doing for added lolz although there will be a few that I play that I've already went out and played before so I may just go through and show it to you and play it a little more casually.

So now what I'd like you guys to do is to post what MMO's you would like to see DJ Yugi play I will attempt any game but try to keep this a little more serious in games you would really like to see the gameplay of and post in the comment's below. I will try to get to all of them and I would also like to request that you don't choose a game that you have to go out and buy before you can play it as well as please no pay to play's either. I don't have the money to throw those in there yet.

Lastly the way to know when I'll be broadcasting will be through my Facebook, Twitter, and in the IRC. So I will post the links to my face book and twitter as well as the link to my streaming channel.

The stream - http://www.livestream.com/yugismmoden

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/josh.darrow?...#!/josh.darrow

Twitter - http://twitter.com/Yugiboy360

So be sure to give me your Ideas and my first installment of this will be hopefully sometime on May 8th

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