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Leviathan Mist

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Why the jerks/bad dudes always get the best women and more: My philosophy + rant

Have you ever wondered why so many guys who are just flat out douchebags end up with the women who are nice, smart, and good-looking? Ever wonder why the nice guys always end up getting used by some filthy tramp? Well, I have your answer.

It's all about who is attracting who, who is dominating who, and for what reasons. In this world, the villain usually has the upper-hand. Let's take a nice girl, for example, Nice girls are usually modest, and don't have a very big ego. Having a big ego doesn't usually coincide with being nice. So, these girls may see nice guys and think about how nice it would be to actually be with one of them, but in the end, the girl doesn't feel she is worthy of a nice guy who treats her right. Also, every person has faults, and being with a guy who has more faults will make the good girl's faults seem less pronounced, as well as give her more lenience and allow her to be mean to get what she wants. Therefore, the good girl chooses to go with the bad guy, simply because she feels her flaws are on the same level as theirs, which is usually far from the truth.

Now let's take the example of the good guy always getting used. The good guy is being rejected by the good girl because the good girl doesn't feel like she's worthy enough for the good guy. Now, who DOES feel worthy enough for the good guy? The bad girl, of course. The bad girl is a skank, the worst of the worst. She see's all these good guys in this world who are single as something to take advantage of, and boy does she take advantage. The good guy will do anything for this girl, because it's all he's been able to get, and the girl will indulge in everything the guy gets her, until she becomes unsatisfied, and then she will toss the guy on the street, taking whatever valuables she can from him, and move on to the next helpless nice guy.

So good guys, you need to step up and be aware of what's going on here. Girls are smart, cunning, and deceptive when they want to be. Keep going after those good girls, and don't fall for the bad girl's tricks. And good girls... seriously, take the nice guy for once. Don't worry if you mess up now and then, the nice guy will forgive you because he IS the nice guy. You both will be happy if you make it happen.

As for the bad people in this world, I have nothing to say to you. I only hope my message will get across and you bad people will have no one to take advantage of.
This message paid for by the Mist Foundation for a Better Radio Experience, and brought to you in part by Renku.

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