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Old 07-26-2010, 10:09 PM   #41
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

No particular order btw.

Blood+ - Has no one mentioned this one? Blood+ is splendid! For this one, the anime is more recommended. The story is about vampires, and although you might not be into that, it is still great. Don't read the manga btw if you want to go into more detail, watch the anime.

Naruto (Shippuden) - both are very good series, most have said this one already. It's very unpredictable and it is just plain-out funny as well. Many people read the manga, but I prefer animation (for this one particularly) just because...I don't know why. I hate the manga drawings, although I could probably live with it...idk. Maybe because it is still releasing.

Lovely Complex - Good, but short. Follow through with the manga, but it drags on with a season 2 (totally pointless, should've ended as is) but still, it is a great time-killer. Very funny.

Bokura Ga Ita - Super super good. Watching the anime was great, I hope a season 2 is released soon. It is publishing as in as a manga, and it's great. A total tear-jerker,

Soul Eater - The anime had exceptionally great animation, loved it. The anime also was not as short as Bokura Ga Ita and LoveCom, ending at 24-26 episodes, and it actually went to 50-something (if not more). The ending and the storyline was great, although I may have to admit there -were- some boring parts, but after that is a great action and teamwork! Also, very very comedic.

Prince of Tennis - This was a great read for me and got me into tennis. I love tennis now. You just fall straight in love with the main character, Ryoma's, personality. He is an indifferent guy with amazing tennis skills and although it has barely anything to do with romance etc., and more into sports, it -still- is a great read. Also, funny and informative.

Death Note - Suspenseful, leaves you with a cliffhanger in every episode. The anime was great, animation was great, no flaws. The voice actors were also very good. The manga had more scenes with more characters (like all the mangas do/have in contrast to the animes) and was more into detail, but that is fine. I personally prefer the anime more in this certain one. Revolves around a lot of thought, you mind, will be blown.

K-ON! - New anime, yay! I hadn't finished season 1 yet due to my lack of time in my schedule, but it is great! Cute girls in school uniforms playing guitars and creating amazing music, what more can you expect? Also, the opening. Is great. I love you, music club.

East of Eden - This is a lot similar to Death Note in a sense. It revolves around a lot of thought and your mind will be blown, although it had more to do with the government than Death Note (well, you will see) you may be confused at first, everything will be revealed at the end. The story kind of goes backwards, but it is still great, give it time. The best ending evar, btw. Very funny. I highly recommend this.

Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood) - I prefer Brotherhood due to its amazing quality and animation. It's basically a rerun of the first season, although skips spoilers completely. Also, the characters are way better. I added this on a whim because it had been long ever since I've watch Full Metal Alchemist (it's a drag to watch season 2 over again because I already know what's going to happen and waiting for releases was not my thing, exception to Naruto because I don't know what's going to happen). I don't like it that much, but many will, and I suppose this could count as my favorite because my mind was blown when I watched it. It -was- my favorite, but died out over time I suppose.

Yeah, I know, a bunch of cliche stuff lol, and sorry for long explanations although you guys probably don't care.


Naruto (Shippuden)
Lovely Complex
Bokura Ga Ita
Soul Eater
Prince of Tennis
Death Note
East of Eden
Full Metal Alchemist

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Old 07-27-2010, 01:05 PM   #42
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Oh wow, this is going to be difficult....There's SO many series I like XD

1. Sailor Moon (The entire series is just amazing!)

2. Full Metal Alchemist/ FMA:Brotherhood (This was the anime I started thinking about the voices behind the characters....it started it all.... :) )

3. Bleach (Even with all the fillers XD)

4. DNAngel ( Smexy Dark Mousy....nuff said!)

5. Chobits (The first anime I ever owned, and it's simply adorable and funny.....and pervy too lol!)

6. Evangelion (no words....)

7. Inuyasha (Even though I've seen it a bajillion times)

8. Gundam 00 (Skypeing and watching this with friends at the same time....priceless!)

9. Soul Eater (Have not finished it, but I love it!)

10. Axis Powers Hetalia (I finished this before the dub was even thought of XD)

I have lots of others I love, buuuuut it does say only 10....and we'd be here reading my post all day!

(How could I have forgotten Ouran High School Host Club??? One of my all time faves, and getting to hang out with "Tamaki" (Vic Mignogna) at my first con was amazing...so yeah XD)
I am Sailor Moon! I stand for love. And I also stand for justice. And in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

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Old 07-27-2010, 04:22 PM   #43

Doesn't give a hoot
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

I really don't like trying to prioritize favorites as they never really compare to each other at all, so just know that these numbers are entirely meaningless.

10 - Android Kikaider: The Animation
09 - Astro Fighter Sunred
08 - Blue Gender
07 - Getter Robo Armageddon
06 - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
05 - Mononoke
04 - Welcome to the NHK
03 - Cowboy Bebop
02 - Kaiji
01 - Master Keaton

and finally
because who ever said my top 10 went from 1 to 10?
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Old 07-27-2010, 05:51 PM   #44
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
2. Code Geass
3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
5. Highschool of the Dead
6. Afro Samurai
7. Macross Frontier
8. Utawarerumono
9. Eureka Seven
10. Samurai Champloo

Last edited by ZshadowX; 07-27-2010 at 05:56 PM. Reason: Its hard to choice which one i like better
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Old 07-31-2010, 04:46 AM   #45
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Ughhhhh. Top 10? 3-2-1 let's go!

10. Cromartie High School: A fantastic piece of nonsensical comedy, it's sure to have you laughing from episode 1, all the way to the end.
9. Yu-gi-Oh!: Yes, I know it's an anime about adults and teens playing a CHILDRENS CARD GAME, but you can't help but notice how most of the series doesn't make sense, which makes you want to watch it.
8. Devil May Cry: Could have been longer. I loved it for 2 reasons. 1: BLOOD EVERYWHERE! 2: It's DMC. How can you NOT enjoy watching Dante f|_|(k $#17 up?
7. School Rumble (seasons 1 and 2): I watched School Rumble when it started back in '04, and immediately fell in love. Romance + tons of comedy made for an exciting watch. I would highly rec it to everyone I know.
6. Excel Saga: What's to say? It's comedy + every thing else thrown together, and made for tons of lulz.
5. Duel Masters: (Does he have 2 anime about childrens card games YES HE DOES!) A more comedic take on childrens trading card games. I loved it, due to the fact that it MADE me want to watch more and more.
4. Naruto: The original epic. Had a TON of awesome and memorable fights (Naruto v Sasuke; Naruto v Neji; Lee v Kimimaro). I actually still watch it.
3. Naruto: Shippuden: An AMAZING continuation of Naruto. With a fantastic plot, plenty of plot twists, and unexptected events, it's worth me paying to see each episode as soon as it comes out from Japan (psst: Johnny Yong Bosh and Vic Mignogna in the Dub: OMFGWTFHAXORZ).
2. Claymore: Personally, I loved the hell out of Claymore. Chicks with GIANT SWORDS KILLING ALL TEH DEMONZ! How can you not love it?! The violence tied in to the romantic parts makes for a truely awesome anime.

Alright.. Time for my #1. Ughhhh! It's so HARD to pic a #1.. But I guess I will have to..
Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Yes. The epic that we remember from Toonami. The Gundam series, that most of us can say that got us into watching Gundam period. Fantastic fights, fantastic story, and fantastic characters. What can I say? It's FANTASTIC!

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Old 08-06-2010, 11:18 AM   #46
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

In no particular order...

Best Student Council
Cowboy Bebop
Case Closed
Outlaw Star
Lupin the 3rd
Full Metal Alchemist
Ghost in the Shell
Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z

Yeah, I made my list 11, wanna fight about it? =D Can't believe I didn't see this thread before. I am an idiot, haha.

I admittedly have MUCH to watch, so this list is subject to change, but for now it will do.

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Old 08-07-2010, 01:46 AM   #47

Wandering Witch
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1. Gunslinger Girls
2. Hell Girl
3. Samurai Champloo
4. Witch Hunter Robin
5. Trigun
6. Big O!
7. Ghost in the Shell SAC
8. Kurau: Phantom Memory
9. Clannad
10. Cowboy Bebop
(Honorable mention to Samurai Jack--I know, I know, but it was still a great series!)

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Old 08-07-2010, 12:26 PM   #48
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1. FullMetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
2. Ouran High School Host Club
3. Death Note
4. Clannad
5. Fruits Basket
6. Code Geass
7.. The Melechonly of Haruhi Suzumiya
8. Lucky Star
9. Mushi-shi
10. Air

Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | reviews

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Old 08-21-2010, 06:23 PM   #49
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1. Hellsing OVA

2. Needless

3. Bleach

4. Fairy Tail

5. Devil may Cry (the Anime)

6. Full Metal panic

7. full metal alchemist

8. Darker then black

9. Sengoku Basara

10. Ergo Proxy

Those Who Impersonate The Dead Are Judged To Join Their Ranks!".

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Old 08-24-2010, 05:05 PM   #50
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Hmmm this requires a lot of thinking *Grabs a cup of tea*
In no particular order except the first three

Gintama - I just loved this series from the first episode as it is full of likable characters, emotional storyline (I cried at something that was going to destroy the world) mixed in with great action and humor I feel this is a much watch for those who have been watching anime for a while. (you can watch for free on crunchyroll)

Full metal alchemist (brotherhood) the first series has a special place in my heart as it was the series to really get me into anime.

History mightiest disciple - This is a great martial arts series where you see the main protagonist grow throughout the series and features great fight scenes and a colourful cast.

Ouran high school host club

Syonarra setsubo sensei - Sadly the series after the first never quite got to the same level of humor

Big O - Its like batman... But with robots

Lucky star - This seems to be a hit and miss series with people

Clannad = ( I did not put in the second series as I felt the end was a cop out)

Reborn! - The fillers fell soo cheap in this series but I am still drawn into this series ever week.

Gundam wing - This also hold a special place in my heart as I did and still do adore this series.[/LIST]

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Old 08-25-2010, 05:07 PM   #51
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Hmmm Let see. Tons of them out there but i guess i do have my faves:
1: Kanon- Such a great series. It has everything from good voice acting to great action, Supernatural and Chris patton puts on a great perfornce. Recommend it for all
2:Kuroshitsuji aka Black butler- Following the subs on FUNimation, The series progesses slowly with a few bumps but picks up in the second series with a lot more action and gore . Two british butlers duking it out.
3:Digimon- Come on, the concept was great and yeah the english had it's ups and downs but it was really good.
4: Full Metal Alchemist- How could i not put this on my list?o.0
5: xxHolic/Tsubasa- They are techincally one series that imtersect thouugh i recommend Holic over tsubasa even if Tsubasa had beauiful art work
6:Dragonball series- and i mean everything up to GT where things get mehis for me. Great fights and a great take on the story aswell
7:Pokemon: yup It like it all cause it has a charm . even if the current dub is iffy, the subbed verison are just as satiflying
8:Cowboy bebop- what can i say, guns... spike ... Steve blum... and steve -beep-blum (Beep meaning awesome!)
9: Code Geass- Come on the series had a nice flow, and if you watch as a regular TV series. You be on your edge of your seat. But being able to control someone. That is Awesome
9.5 Evangelion- Why 9.5? Cause It ties into why i like 9 and as messed up the story was, the series had you coming back for more and wanting you to shut shinji up!
10: Death Note- One sentance sums it up.... The person or name written in the note bokk shal DIE!

and that what I thought =/
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Old 11-05-2010, 05:33 AM   #52

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Originally Posted by EagleEyes View Post
Post Your Favorite Series-

Heres my lists of favorites:

1) Black Lagoon
2) Air gear
3) Valkyria Chronicles
4) Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
5) Naruto Shippuden
6) Desert Punk
7) Witch Blade
8) Code Geass
9) Pokemon
10) Bleach

(Yes I do realise I have a similar taste in shows to a 13 year old, but I don't really care :rolleyes: )
Lets see how my taste has changed in a year.....

1) Air Gear - The perfect blend of action / comedy / awesome.
2) Black Lagoon - Total action from start to finish.
3) Pokemon - Nostalgia, that and psyduck.
4) Naruto / Naruto Shippuden - The series that got me fully submerged into anime.
5) Soul Eater - I am not really sure with this one. It just really appeals to me.
6) Highschool of the Dead - This series was fun, plain and simple.
7) Valkyria Chronicles - The art in this series is top 10 worthy alone.
8) Code Geass / Deathnote - Being someone who normally hates protagonists, it was refreshing to see things from the bad guys point of view.
9) Clannad - I have only just watched it today.... but it is THAT good that it already claims my number 9 spot. I cried like a little girl.... so only time will tell if it moves up.
10) K-On - If you don't like Moe you are lying.

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1.Eureka Seven x4
2.Clannad x2
3.Hayate the Combat Butler! x1
4.Zero no Tsukaima x1
5.Rosario to Vampire x3
6.H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ x2
7.Full Metal Panic! x2
8.s-CRY-ed x2
9.Bleach x0
10.Shakugan no Shana x1.3333

"x" indicates number of rewatches
Bold indicates currently rewatching

Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | reviews

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Très Bien!
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Originally Posted by Jubilee View Post
Oh yay!

10) Poke'mon
9) Samurai Champloo
8) Blood +
7) Yu-gi-oh!
6) Vampire Knight
5) Death Note
4) Code Geass
3) Bleach
2) Black Lagoon
1) Cardcaptor Sakura

That was tough @_@
Looking back at this...it is wrong now.

10) Bleach - Oh how the mighty have fallen.


8) Vampire Knight - I like the artwork.

7) Detective Conan / Case Closed - I have fond memories of watching this show when I was younger...

6) Blood + - I still like vampires.

5) Pokemon - I don't know why it was ever at 10. >.>

4) Code Geass - Purely Rakshata.

3) Kuragehime - Don't judge meh.

2) Black Lagoon -

1) Cardcaptor Sakura - Always will be.

That is better.

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Old 01-23-2011, 08:28 AM   #55

Raptor Writer
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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

1. Baccano
2. Yu Yu Hakusho
3. Durarara
4. Trigun
5. Outlaw Star
6. Digimon (original series)
7. Pokemon (up to elite four)
8. Dragon Ball
9. Higurashi no naku Koro Ni/ and Kai
10. Black Lagoon.

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Old 01-23-2011, 02:15 PM   #56
Bargain Gamer

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Re: Top 10 Favorite Series:

Interesting. I think I'll take a stab at this, though my tastes in anime are probably a bit more old school than most. :3

1. Dragonball Z - The first anime I ever saw and the one that got me hooked. Given the combination of nostalgia and sheer awesomeness this series exudes it's no wonder as to why this is in my number one slot. One of only two series with more than 100 episodes that I own all of.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho - The second anime with over 100 episodes that I own all of. ^ ^ I remember sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch this show on adult swim and being thoroughly entranced by the interesting/amusing characters and breathtaking fight scenes. The dark tournament is still my favorite tournament arc from any anime.

3. Outlaw Star - A show where a bunch of renegades team up on board a stolen ship built from pirate technology by the government and is controlled by a naked chick. Nuff said.

4. Cowboy Bebob - I just realized that I do not own this anime and am truly disappointed in myself. Combining an excellent score with a fast paced and highly enjoyable scenario make this one o the best anime out there and if you like anime and music then you owe it to yourself to at least give this one a look.

5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan - Manliest. Anime. EVAR.

6. Big O - Tsundere really got this in one, but its also got this interesting aesthetic twist on old versus new due to the apocalyptic scenario that really intrigues me. Also the robot designs are awesome.

7. Trigun - PEACE AND LOVE!

8. Sengoku Basara - A more recent series, but the sheer amount of over the top action and insanity really had me enjoying this one. Sometimes action (and humor... oh the humor) is all you need to have an awesome series.

9. Digimon - This one is only so low on the list because I hardly remember it anymore, but I do remember being incredibly enthralled by it as a kid and I still think it has some of the most interesting monster designs in an anime.

10. Sailor Moon - Last on the list is the second anime I ever saw. And while I didn't really "get it" at the time I do remember really liking the character designs. ^///^ Yay Sailor Mercury!

I'd also like to mention Pokemon as an honorable mention, as while it doesn't quite reach my top ten due to how it hasn't exactly aged well I still have fond memories of the series. And if it wasn't for it I never would've gotten to play the awesome series of games it spawned. So kudos to you Pokemon.
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