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Bobby Henshin

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Shokugeki No Soma: Food Wars!

So, I read a chapter of this manga in OtakuUSA and it look interesting. So I finally picked up the first volume a few months ago and fell in love with it. It's like Iron Chef wrote a manga. But here is the story line.

Soma is a boy who works with his dad at a family restaurant. Apparently his dad is said to be the best cook in the world, so Soma plans on surpassing him as the worlds greatest chef but can never beat him. One dad his dad decided to close the restaurant to go work for a friend of his in NYC. Soma goes ape and is then told to go to the elite Totsuki culinary institute. Those who graduate from this school become the greatest chefs in the world. But the school is so strict that only 1% of students actually graduate.

So it is up to Soma and his new friends to actually try and survive the school and become the worlds greatest chefs. At any time too they can be challenged to a cooking battle know as Shoukugeki. Where the parties pick terms and the loser has to abide by them. Will Soma survive? Or will the stuck up daughter of the dean force him out? The grand daughter is also a culinary genius who is said to have a pallet so refined that it is known as the divine tongue. Volume 5 is coming out shortly and the amine premieres tomorrow. I can not wait and i hope all of you pick it up. It is funny, witty, and an awesome plus is that at the end of each chapter, they show you have to make the dishes for yourself at home with budget friendly ingredients.

so go a read it and tell me what you think.

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