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Zero's Manga Concept

As some of you know (a majority doesn't). My long term goal is to be Mangaka. Having worked in various fields, It's also because I like my quiet time, and I like to be free to come and go as I do things.
Since I was a child drawing has been my only companion, having no friends when I grew up, I didn't know what I wanted to be, never being inspired, thats when I picked up my first Manga, the first copy of the American Shonen Jump (still a subscriber to date).
The various stories, character designs, themes, it was what I wanted. I fell in love with story telling, but never felt a book or a 20 page american comic book could define what I wanted to tell for a story.
Since Elementary School I've doodled on tests, drawn on blank papers and I even made a series of YouTube comic using Microsoft Paint (a failed concept but nonetheless, I enjoyed it).
I'm in College and my need to draw grows more and with ViZ opening up for American submissions I feel my moment of glory may be closer then I first thought, so I want to start a progression topic to get some idea of what people think, my weaknesses and strengths so I can over come them and grow respectively. Bare in mind, I don't have access to a scanner 247, but I'll update as much as I can.

And as a bonus maybe talk about some of the characters I may or may nopt finalize in some of my series (criticism, feedback a must, if it doesn't go well then I don't want to depend my future on it, but i have complete faith)

Titles as Spoilers:

Project Silver (Working Title) (the series I put most of my effort into)
Little do humans know that the world they believe to be "Heaven" and "Hell" have been at war for almost a millennia, and because of a dirty tatic created by the first Demon Lord, Hell dominated to war until finally Heaven could no longer fight back, now the last angel, with his dying breath bestows a human with the "Silver Soul" a soul containing the energies of the original God that has been dormant all this time. The current demon lord wants the soul to become the dominator of all dimensions. The war between Demons and Earth now begins.
1st Concept:

Wild Card:
Sai has no friends, his grades are poor, and his father has abused him for as long as he can remember over the death of his mother. Sai's sanity finally snaps and decides that was is decent is indecent, after murdering his tormentors after school one day, Sai goes on the run committing crimes from murder, to assassination to stealing. Sai quickly becomes a natural criminal, becoming a Jack of all trades known as "Wild Card". During a hit gone wrong, Sai accidentally murders Kuro Sugonoko, fiancée to Haruka Sapphire, head Detective of the City's Police unit, and childhood friend of Sai's, taken away to America after a break in murder of her parents. Will Haruka try and save her long lost friend before he sinks into permanent hatred and darkness? Or will she cast Justice upon her former friend?

Double Crisis:
Born to a powerful king and queen, Jasmine and Juliet, twin sisters, princesses, cherished treasures among the kingdom. They're world is destroyed when the town people witness unintentional destruction using Black Magic. Learning the Queen is a sorceress, the queen is executed and the children forever banished to a tower for years to come. The village fell apart, disease and famine came to the kingdom, the twins to blame. 12 years later, 2 years had assed since an invading Kingdom has come and taken the princess from they're prison. Although Juliet can longer use White Magic, and Jasmine cannot use Black Magic, the two lived in peace in the new Kingdom. Kenta, a villager from the lost kingdom comes in hopes that murdering the two princesses will cure they're kingdom. After coming close to death, the Legendary Havanouske "the Sword from Hell" comes to the aid of Kenta, believing finally that there is more to Juliet and Jasmine's power then what the rumors and legends are and upon discovering that all three of them have a 10 year gap in they're memories, Kenta becomes they're loyal boygaurd, in hopes to understand what truley became of the lost kingdom and what happened in those 10 missing years.

GAW (Working title)
What do you get when you mix the colors with 10 people with 10 completely different personalities? 10 people who shouldn't hang out. Red, the self appointed "Leader", Blue, the calm but perverted, Green, the ditz, White, the motherly and yaoi fanatic, Black, the spiteful, Yellow, the self absorbed, Pink, the high one, Purple the violent one, Gold the Egotistical, and Silver the paranoid. Every episode is something new, no anime or manga will be sparred from they're criticism.

Gundam Frontier:
The future was here, the future is now gone. Humanity hasn't created teleporters or learned to create artificial planets. They've only created meathods of reach the edge of the galaxy, with colonies and space stations stretched out, people go go out that deep into space can never expect to see they're loved one that they left behind on earth, and vice versa. Humanity has come together under one government of the Humanitarian Federation. In hopes to travel to alternate galaxies, the H.F Enterprise was the first vessel to explore the outer barriers of the galaxy, and into the new galaxy, carrying on it the most advanced Mobile Suit, the Frontier Gundam. During the encounter between the Enterprise and the Frontier Gundam, a battle broke out in which both representative ships where classified as MIA after an explosion of light at the rendezvous point. Thus the first Galactic War broke out between the Human Federation and the Jomans of the foreign galaxy. 50 years have passed, and while smuggling on a H.E. Cargo ship, Jomei Kunomura steals a pod in hopes to returning to Titan 45, during a hyper nation sleep, his ship collides with unlabeled asteroid, with the remains of the HF Enterprise. In it he finds in tact the Gundam Frontier, inside is a hibernating Luna Hikari of the Jomanian Galaxy. Together they unravel the events of the the meeting 50 years ago, and hope to bring an end to this 50 year long galactic war,

I won't lie, 2 years ago "Project Silver" was named "Silver Soul", but since Pokemon SoulSilver I thought it would be in bad taste


Project Silver:
Concept 1:
(From Left to right: Slicer (Working name), Silver, Hygrand (Working name)

Concept 1:
(From left to right starting at the bottom and working up:)
1st Row: Blue, White, Red
2nd: Black, Green, Purple
3rd: Silver, Pink, Gold
Last: Yellow

GAW Original Concept on Paint:

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