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91.8 The Fan

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Battle for 9.18 The Fan - Chapter 5: Escape


With everyone in Euphanthene worried about the whereabouts of their leader, silence filled most of the hallways as people forced their regular routines, waiting patiently for any news to arrive. Walking steadily down the long hallway leading to the War Room where most of the higher ranks soldiers reported daily on the on goings on the Kingdom, Amui walked into the room, stopping as he caught sight of Marc, pacing around the room in the same manner he had been doing for the last few days. "You need to relax." said Amui, continuing into the room, Marc turning towards him when he was spoken to. "That's not easy to do." Marc said, resuming his pace, but slower then usual, so he could talk to Amui. "Has there been any word from the remaining search parties?" said Amui, pulling a chair in front of him, and sitting in it, the back rest of the chair in positioned against his chest. Amui glanced behind him at Henry, who was partially hidden within a large metallic object, only his waist and legs visible through the hole in the side of the object. "Yes, but no sign of Kana has been found yet. Sin'lorien returned recently from his search in Escini. The only one who we have yet to hear from is Angus." said Marc, glancing out the nearby window towards the Lake in the distance. "Hopefully he is able to find her." said Marc.

Just as Amui opened his mouth to respond, the entire building shook with surprisingly force, knocking dust off of the ceiling, and throwing objects off of tables onto the floor. The shaking stopped mere moments after it had began, but soon began and stopped at random intervals. Both Marc and Amui rushed towards different windows, looking out at the window for any sign of what was causing this disturbance, and it was Amui who noticed the cause. Staring out the window facing towards the town's market, what looked like a giant root from a tree was impaling the walls of the headquarters where they stood. "Are we under attack?" said Marc as he too saw the root. Without giving him an answer, Amui launched himself out the window, dropping a few feet onto the closest root. "Amui!" yelled Marc from the window, sticking his head out to make his voice carry out more. "I've got this!" yelled Amui in response, running along the root, searching for the base, and hopefully the cause of these attacks. Vines quickly began to sprout along the large root, attempting to block Amui's path forward. Stopping briefly, Amui smiled. The air in the surrounding area began to drop, and snow started falling from the sky.

"Frozen Field!" said Amui, as the surrounding suddenly intensified, turning into a full blown blizzard, making it extremely difficult to see. Moving forward with ease, and avoiding the vines in his path, Amui finally reached the bottom of the root he had been traveling along, the storm weakening slightly, to give Amui a better range of vision. "Show yourself!" yelled Amui, completely alert to his surroundings. Breaking through the snow behind Amui, a group of vines burst from the ground and targeted Amui, who spun and held out a palm towards them. As if forming out of his palm, a wall of Ice appeared in front of him, defending against the vines temporarily. Amui noticed in the reflection on the ice, an object coming at him from behind, and jumping to the side, Amui barely dodged as a spear made of wood stabbed into the ice wall. Rolling through the snow, and jumping to his feet, Amui looked around. "Face me like a man! Show yourself!" yelled Amui, his patience of his attackers currently attack style growing thin.

"Fine." spoke a voice from behind Amui, who spun around to face the person. Remy stood above Amui, standing a few feet above the ground, standing on top of a platform made of vines. The vines loosened slightly, and lowered Remy to the ground, where with a hop he landed on the snow covered ground. "You sure are demanding for someone who couldn't even find his opponent." said Remy. Pushing the rim of his hat up and away from his eyes, Remy grinned at Amui as they locked eyes. "Name's Remy. I'm the ♫♫♫♫ disturber wrecking havoc for you today. You gonna tell me your name, so I can resume my attack, or would you prefer I beat it out of you?" asked Remy, hoping for the more violent answer to his inquiry. Amui stood up straight, examining Remy as much as he could. Striking a creepy pose, Amui looked up into the sky. "I am Amui. The Snow White Guardian of Euphanthene. Defender of Justice. Hero of the People. I will be the one to..." Remy shook his head as he ignored the rest of the ramblings of this person. "Yo. Dog-boy. Shut up already." said Remy, raising his arm as vines burst from the ground at his feet. Wrapping around his arms, they quickly shot towards Amui who was cut off from his speech to react to the attack, jumping to the side.

"You talk to much." said Remy as the vines pulled back towards him, stopping around his arm. "I just wanted your name. Not all your self-proclaimed titles." said Remy. Amui jumped into the air towards Remy, a burst of snow and wind rushing from between his palms towards Remy, whose vines released their grip around his arm, and raised in front of him like a shield. The snow hit the shield and surrounded Remy, blocking his view of everything. Landing and rushing forwards, Amui approached Remy from the side, completely hidden within the snowy weather, and kicked out Remy's feet from below him. Falling forward, Remy hit the snow and his body burst into a pile of dirt, mixing with the snow on the ground. Not realizing what had happened until it was too late, Amui felt vines wrap around his ankles and tighten, and within seconds, swung him into the air. "No time to be playing with dogs right now." said Remy, the vines swinging Amui down and slamming him hand into the ground, releasing him to roll to a stop in the snow. "I've wasted alot of time dealing with you. I need to cause some more trouble before leaving." said Remy as he turned back towards Euphanthene, and his eyes widen as he caught sight of Marc a mere few feet from him, swinging his sword towards him.

Raising his arms in defense and jumping backwards, Marc landed a cut across Remy's arms but only managed a flesh wound. Stepping back and pulling his sword into an aggressive style, he moved to attack again. "Reinforcements, eh? If I weren't so short on time, I'd kill both of you for stopping my fun, but it seems like this is where I am forced to leave." said Remy as he started to back away. Trying to run after him, Marc tripped and fell into the snow. Looking down at his feet, Marc found vines wrapped tightly around his ankles, holding him in place. Cutting his ankles free of the vines, Marc looked around but lost sight of where Remy had taken off to, and instead moved over to Amui. Examining him, Marc realized he was just unconscious with minor wounds, and picked him up, carrying back into Euphanthene.

Rushing out of the main entrance into the town towards Marc and the injured Amui, Kate ran up and stopped short of them both. "What happened out here?" asked Kate quickly, ignoring the snow on the ground at her feet. "Someone attacked the town and Amui rushed out to counter the attack. His opponent was extremely dangerous, so I came out here as fast I could, only to find Amui on the verge of defeat. So I jumped in and the person fled." said Marc, getting Kate to help support Amui. "Let's go get him checked out then. Jinn should still be in his office." said Kate, and together they carried Amui towards the medical wing.

As the sun dropped, and the sky above darkened, Angus opened the door to the small house and looked around outside cautiously. "Anything?" said Kana quietly from the other side of the room. Angus gazed in every direction he could with his current position, and nothing seemed out of place within the now quiet town. Looking back inside, he motioned to Kana who gingerly moved forward and crouched beside him. "Are you sure your good to be walking around on that gimp?" said Angus, asking one last time before they departed. Kana placed her hand on her left leg and gently massaged it. "I'll make due. We need to get out of here as soon as we can." said Kana, removing her hand from her leg. Quickly, they began to move along the sides of buildings, making their way towards the beach where Angus had first arrived on the island, and had left a small boat anchored there. The town was quiet, with the occasional dog or cat scurrying past while going about their daily routine. As the reached the middle of town, something caught Angus' eye as he stopped and heard Kana stop behind him. Peering around the corner and seeing what had made the noise, Angus quickly pulled his head back and sighed, realizing what was ahead of them. "What's wrong?" said Kana when she heard Angus sighing in front of her. "We walked right into trouble." said Angus, slowly standing up, looking around where they stood, considering their options. "Have we been seen?" said Kana, figuring there were enemies just around that corner. "Either we were seen, or I smell like something fierce, and he followed that." said Angus.

"Looks like someone's dropped by for tea" Angus sarcastically sneered, stepping calmly around the corner with his umbrella held tightly in his right hand. Angus faced the man who was blocking their way. "How did you find us, Darghan?" demanded Angus, as Kana stood at the corner, resting her leg by leaning against the wall. "A little bird informed me of your location." said Darghan, looking over his shoulder. Glancing behind Darghan, Angus noticed a small frame lying on the ground, writhing in what seemed like pain, a small thin cloud of purple smoke surrounding it. Following Angus' gaze, Kana caught sight of the figure as well, but she reconized who the person was. "Potia." said Kana taking a step forward towards her. "Someone you know, Kana?" said Angus, without looking back at her. "She was the owner of the house where you found me. She also rescued me and treated my injuries when I washed ashore." Kana explained to Angus so he would understand the situation. "Yes, and she was very informative as to your location." said Darghan calmly, turning towards the old woman. "It's unfortunate that I had to come to seek you out myself, but my lieutenants couldn't seem to track you down, and had this lady not mentioned you to someone within this village who was loyal to me, you probably would have slipped back home safely." said Darghan.

Looking back at Angus, Darghan raised his right arm, "I believe this is where our conversation ends." said Darghan, his entire right arm dark think purple smoke that burst forward towards Kana. Jumping backwards towards Kana swiftly, Angus opened his umbrella and swung it at the smoke, scattering it into the air, and the magnetic properties of it repelling the poison from reaching them temporarily. The entire area outside the bubble created by the umbrella was shrouded in a dark purple, making visibility of anything outside the bubble impossible. "We need to move." said Kana, and Angus nodded, putting his arm around her waist to give her some support as they quickly began to move forward. Reforming above them with two streams of poison holding him in the air, Darghan raised his arm into the air, and quickly thrust it downward, a pure ball of poison shot downwards and impacted the shield. Exploding upon contact into five separate attacks, they impacted the ground around the protection of the umbrella's shield. If I cannot get through to you from here..." announced Darghan as he clenched his fist and the poison slowly began to slip through the defenses through the ground. "I'll just attack from below."

Covering their mouths, Angus closed the Umbrella and swung the weapon towards the ground, sending out a powerful shockwave which scattered the nearby poison. Launching a second ball of concentrated poison into the dust cloud that Angus had generated, Darghan heard the sound of the attack exploding again against an unknown object. "Back into the shield so quickly. This is getting tiresome." said Darghan as he waited for the smoke to clear, so he could see them more clearly. After a few moments of waiting, the smoke died down enough for Darghan to see through it clearly enough to make out objects within it. His eyes focused on Kana, who slowly looked up at him grinning, standing within a personal bubble shield alone, Angus nowhere in sight. Darghan had barely enough time to turn around in time to see Angus jumping towards him, and with one large swing, Angus attacked Darghan directly. Darghan grinned as his body split in half, following the trajectory of the attack. "I am surprised you got so close, only to do absolutely nothing." said Darghan, his body quickly pulling together into a small ball of poison before erupting in a massive explosion sending Angus falling backwards to the ground. Reforming his body yet again, Darghan looked down at Kana. "All you have to do is submit to your fate, and this war will end. Is that not what you want?" said Darghan. Kana did not respond immediately, but instead lowered his personal shield and limped towards him. After a few feet, her leg began to pain her and she stopped, looking up at Darghan, her hammer acting as a brace to keep her standing. "I will never, and I mean never, submit to you as long as you so willingly hurt people to get what you want." said Kana, anger burning in her eyes as she stared at Darghan.

Darghan raised his hand again to attack, but an intense flame appeared from every direction, and trapped him in a sphere of intense flames. Standing near Angus, a third person appeared, the flames appearing to come out of his arms, like the poison did for Darghan. Looking at Angus, he smiled. "I think this is where you and the injured lady exit stage right." said the man. Angus did not stand around to ask who he was, and quickly headed over to Kana, placing his arm around her to yet again support her weight. Following them, the man kept the flames around Darghan. "I'll hold him here until you are a safe distance away. For now, this war will continue." said the man. "Who are you, and Why are you helping us?" asked Kana. "I go by the name Crowley and I'm not exactly helping you." responded Crowley to her inquiries. "I don't want them to get an advantage in this war. That is all. If the situation was reversed, you'd be in there, not him." said Crowley. "Now if you would kindly get that beautiful lady out of here, before I lose too much energy and he breaks free." Angus took his words and started to move towards the boat he left near the water, pulling Kana with him. As they vanished, Crowley held Darghan within the sphere for as long as he physically could, before fleeing the scene, the flames surrounding Darghan taking their time to disipate enough for him to escape safely. As he escaped, Darghan looked around at the quiet area. "Always an interference." Darghan sighed, lowering himself to the ground. "Let's hope Remy had fun while I was here." said Darghan, calmly walking towards the edge of town as if nothing had just transpired.
Side effects of reading the above post may include nausea, headaches, itchiness, impotence, temporary blindness, weakness in knees, mild pregnancy, and a loss of faith in humanity. If death occurs, consult a mortician.

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