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The World. There is something about The World that brings chills to the heart of every player who has ever stepped one virtual foot in this game heaven. It's been ten years since the last calamity. This new version is revolutionary. PKer's have lowered their grasp on the game, thus the need for PKKers is lowering too. It's returning to that once stable environment where there were patrols of guards, anti-hacker legions, and players here to play a game like no other before it. The World is at peace, Aura has returned to her full stature at the high throne set above all else. However, there will always be imperfections in the finest of swords. Though The World may be perfect, under the thick layers that show a perfect realm, the truth arrives. Players who are accused of hacking are being locked away, their characters never to be freed. The high guard has set forth once again - as they once did under the command of Kamui - to rid The World of all hackers, hacked items, and NPC's. But there has always been a league of players set forth to do something no others could do: The Dot Hackers, the Twilight Brigade, the Epitaph Users. So who is it that will save these players? Or are they lost forever, never to return to the bright skies of Mac Anu.

[1] Introduction
[2] Rules
[3] Character Skeleton
[4] Accepted Characters
[5] Locations & Servers

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