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Mark from Canada
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Elk Point Mall

This is where YOU! Can open up your own shop to sell goods and services for Elk Points!

I will take 66% of all proceeds so keep that in mind when you price things. For every 3 points, 1 will be added to YOUR Elk Account, and 2 will return to me for shining.

Whether people buy your goods and services will depend on the quality and pricepoint of said work, so perhaps a thread with examples of each good and service would be helpful for letting people know what you're selling.

Keep in mind rules and laws when setting up your shop! I don't want any illegal business going on here, or I will crack down on it like Elliot Ness! Srs bsnss!

Only post your shop here please, no responding or commenting on things here. If that's needed we can open another thread, I don't want this cluttered.

Elk's Extravaganza!

Music Request: 1 Elk Point (one free per day per fanatic)
(Within legal boundaries, does not include LIMITED LIST songs)

Shout out: 2 Elk Points (1 for fanatics)
(Has to be SFW)

IRC Topic: 4 Elk Points (3 for Fanatics)
(Has to be SFW, and only once per day during my show)

Sprite: 8 Elk Points (6 for fanatics)
(Will be done to the best of my abilities dependent on style, size, and other requests made by the client)

LIMITED LIST Request: 11 Elk Points (6 for Fanatics)
(For requesting a song from the Limited List)
NOTE: Each limit song can only be played once per Monday - Friday week.
Limited List:
Every Fight
Kokoro Oasis
Die Hasen!

Song Request Reversal: 12 Elk Points (10 for fanatics)
(You can stop any one song request from happening.)

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