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91.8 The Fan

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91.8 the Fan Dictionary

A little something I came up with out of boredom.
I'm starting by putting together the obvious words and when the moment arises, you can submit to have a new word put into the dictionary, given you must have one OTHER member vouch/vote for that new word to also be placed in the dictionary.

PS: Don't tell Kana, she'll look at me with this face


Brie - 91.8 the fan Mascot
Fanatics - Someone who has purchased a subscription to support the website, and has exclusive access to behind the scenes content and other super special awesome secret stuff.
Forum - The part of the Website where you can submit discussion, forum games, talk gibberish or spoil anime and/or games
Heavy Player - The icecast player that broadcasts at 160 kb/s.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - The Local, quick second discussion area of the website. It requires user name to enter.
Kusari-busy: is when you work 2 full-time jobs and never have time for anything at all
Lite Player - The shoutcast player that broadcasts at 128 kb/s.
Minori-queue: is the number of Minori songs allowed in a given time period, which must be used by the best Minori songs
Moderator - Protector of the Forums
n00bs - People who are new to the site and are unfamiliar with the rules/layout and asks the obvious questions.
Staff - DJs/Content providers
Wolfs - Dangerous things
Zero - Someone who is perverse by nature, shameless and socially frowned upon, despite the situation.
Zombies - Beloved murderous beings who nom on your brains

I'll add more once my brain gets into thinking mode.

But here are my suggestions to add to the dictionary:

Lolilaine - The young sound of provoking caused by an older female targeting a male audience, unintentional or not.

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