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Old 10-11-2011, 05:18 PM   #1
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Miyazaki Films

Hey guy, what is your favorite Miyazaki film? What have you seen of his work? Do you watch them in subs? I loved Spirited Away, but the film that takes the cake for me is My Neighbor Totoro, mostly because it brings me back to a simpler time and is just heartwarming. I watch them subbed, because (for me) it only works in Japanese. If you want to watch some of his older movies try Panda Kopanda from 1972.
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Re: Miyazaki Films

I have seen most of the major ones, and actually the anime club at my college had a miyazaki-fest last month and is planning on having a second one next semester.

Right now, I would have to say that I can't rightly choose a favourite because I like most of them pretty much a lot.

I would prefer to watch them dubbed because I like to enjoy the art and not be bothered by silly text.
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Re: Miyazaki Films

nausica of the valley of the wind
and no its not just cus patrick stewart is in it (thats only part of the reason)

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