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So since Musikal Makinations will be on hiatus for a few months, I thought I'd at least share the artist I was planning to review for March. :D

Tricot (stylized: tricot)

I stumbled upon them the way that I always do...random completely unrelated activity. In this case, I was watching one of the many music shows that TV Japan broadcasts (TV Japan is so good btw)

I can't remember the exact name of the show, but I remember it was a live venue showcasing various bands and singers. The setting wasn't bright and blinding like most other live events that are shown on NHK (i.e. Music Station, etc). It was a true concert setting. So the lighting was darker and let one enjoy the music instead of being blasted with strobes and other typical "idol" light effects.

Anyways, most of the groups were pretty ok until tricot took stage.

They started out with a guitar solo called Pool Side that led into the main song Pool

These girls are not the flashy idol-like girl bands we see often from Japan. They are just damn good at playing music and I have to admit my jaw dropped as I listened to their short set (5 songs)

Was happy to see their worldwide popularity as well as music on the U.S. iTunes (yep, bought all of their music, except their latest release...the one I was going to review, which is not available on U.S. iTunes yet)

Anyways, take a looksy at tricot. Looks like they'll be doing a livestream in a few days too.

It seems that I've been listening to lots of math rock without realizing it was called math rock! xD

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