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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name:Yugiboy360
Character Name: Renasa Renatosa
Weight(Thin, Large, Athletic, etc):Thin
Height(Short, Tall, Average, etc):Tall
Eye Color:Light purple
Hair Color:Dark purple
Skin Tone:Caucasian
Personality: Tends to be quiet unless with those shes comfortable around. She can come off a bit strong.
Personal History: Renasa grew up with her twin brother and they would always train off of each other. She would always read every book that was in her site and by the time she was 12 had read every book in the entire area. She is also fluent in just about every language and loves to come up with a strategy for battles in any era. She also had developed some magical powers that were water based while able to use a katana in case an enemy got to close. She has since started stalking around a very well known mercenary. Protecting her with all she can to make sure they never fail their objective. She see's her like a sister and knows not to involve her to heavily in her plans for she knows she does as she wish's.She also has grown to stand Syh shen although she will talk to him and heals his minor scratch's when needed.
Good or Bad(I'll explain about this later):Neutral she follows Taikutsu.
Stengths:Can read and speak any language, Skilled tactician, Water magic mastery, Fast.
Weaknesses:Not the best people person, Zombie Head-buts.
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): Full control over water, Can also cast water magic, Can come up with strategies at the drop of a hat, Can also use her water magic's healing properties but only for minor wounds.
Picture(If Possible):

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