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Re: Battle for 9.18 The Fan

Account Name: Momo - Leaps at the idea -
Character Name: Taikutsu
Age: 17 GIRL! >.>
Weight-Thin-light build
Eye Color: light blue
Hair Color: light orange shade
Skin Tone: paleish white
Personality: a vary calm person never shows much emotion weather in battle or just talking.. Tends to be quiet even in large crowd the even chance of provoked emotion draws out the craziest in her.. Her calm and passiveness is only equaled by her massive intense rush of blood crazed violence in battle highly easy to provoke in heat and a lack of patients for people.. Never listens well and is more focused on the pay roll then the assistince
Personal History: nothing from before the age of 15 is easily recalled.. Only a need for money and a familiarity with firearms.. has a follower that has been a only and long time friend both on and off the battle feild
Good or Bad: tends to shy away from moral choices and is played upon by money and favors to officers in the ranks then a a true choices
Strengths: speed , long term endurance , lack of food and water , practically sleepless , flexibility , high class acrobatic skill
Weaknesses: high amounts of heat , seeing a cute girl , easily bored even in battle has an emotional attachment to Zale
( Fuka-bu ) highly tempered alloy hand gun with a reinforce barrel- Shine’s a light silver with a single thin black streak of chrome going down the handle -12 shot clip- has and open sided magnetic holster on her left hip
( Tsuru ) highly tempered alloy dragunov Sniper rifle which at the stock of the gun is connected to a small shotgun with the end filled down.. The loading chambers for both sides is near the stock- shotgun barrels rounds clip - dragunov 12 rounds -
All of the wood on the gun has been tinted a shade of orange and the metal has been stained a pale red.. it hangs strapped to her shoulders with a simple shoulder strap - a orange leather casing is over the shotgun barrel at all times
( Nise no yume ) a simple sheath of a Katana formed with a handle made solid with no space for a blade.. Hangs of her right hip loosely
Abilities/Magic(Explained more later): no real abilities to speak of..

Picture(If Possible):

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