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A "This Series Needs More Fans!!!" Thread

Simply put, name a manga series that you feel like has little, if any, fans. I won't say much on the stories cause its more one of those "Try it for yourself then judge" things.

3 Main ones I wanna talk about:
Bloody Monday - Seriously so good it's got like so many plot twists you might start to question what you were even reading. Chock full of bloody scenes though so not for those that dislike that stuff.
Liar Game: Think like death note but less killing and more greedy folks. It is a heavily psychological influenced manga too so if your head spins easily from things like that, keep this in mind.
Zombiepowder: A work by author Tite Kubo AKA the guy who did a little thing called Bleach. More or less it's exactly how it sounds like it'd be. Shonen action manga with bits of comedy interluded.

So let us band together in these obscure mangas!
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