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Re: Best/Worst Classes Topic :D

Originally Posted by Kanashimi View Post
I love history though can't say how useful it is in real life really. It just makes you aware of different cultures, past mistakes, etc.

My worst class that I have yet to use today was algebra. I've never used an x or a y in a solution since, and I probably never will.
When you study history in the collegian level it is a problem that history doesn't really fight into real life scenarios. This is a problem with historians, but I feel we do the world a service by analyzing sources, and then checking if they can be used. This goes across the board, since the main job of a historian is to criticize the sources.

I love Asian studies classes which include Asian history, religion, philosophies and cultural classes. I'm a history major, and I generally like all history, not just of the Asian variety.

However when it comes to math, and the hard sciences that deal with that then I am out of my range completely. I have always struggled with math, and to an extent grammar which is what I struggle with in Japanese so much. There are some instances of English grammer I can't wrap my head around, let alone Japanese grammar.

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