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DalekCam is meh
Talking It's Stitch_Ahoy :3

Well not exactly hard to admit I'm NOT known around here... I have been going into the IRC for some time now as Stitch_Ahoy, though DalekCam was my choosen name months back before the swap over ^^; Safe to say that forums confuse me(I'm just easily confused) so ignore any ramblings if they don't make sense X3

I've been listening to The Fan for a few months now on and off if I've got the time too :3

I'm interested in Anime, TV and cartoons, though it ranges from one series to the next. Usually I fall for those that fit into Fantasy and Sci-fi... I am a hard core Doctor Who fan for example ^^;

Err.... not really good at saying stuff, great and talking though ^^ Caio XD
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