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Re: List the Manliest of All Manly Men

Originally Posted by bemused_Bohemian View Post
Chuck (refer ep.10 Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt when superego leaves body)
John Wayne (Hollywood guy that's deceased, Pilgrim)
Richard Cheney (is that hissing noise out in the cheap seats a snake?) ....interesting, can't use certain 1st names w/o censorship
On talk radio: Mark Levin in the audio sense
Gen. George Patton (Axis forces didn't like him for some reason)

actually I wanted to have a conversation about manly man stuff
I was hoping people will put their thoughts about why they are manly
o rwhy do you think they are manly man manly
or what fits in the catorgory for being manly
What is a manly man.... can a woman be manly too?
but I guess I failed T~T
Oh Manly men have mercy on me

Akito/Agito = manly lol

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