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Re: How to access 91.8 The Fan on PSP

Originally Posted by Aravyre View Post
Alrite, because the stream is now all new and different, there is a different process which you can do to make everything work. Using the pspradio program above ^
Go to the my music tab.
Now, if you have already got something added there, you'll have to click edit. Else, I think it immediately goes to the 'add new thingy' page.
Now, in the category, type whatever you want there. In the station info, type whatever you want there, but 918thefan or something similar is advised.
The important bit is in the stream section, it initially has 'http://' in it. In that field, type in
To get the colon : and the slash / you'll have to click the 'caps' button on the keyboard thing.

Now save everything, and everything should work.

Honestly? This is a bit confusing XD Especially to a person like me who's never messed with many of the PSP functions, besides playing games. I was able to download the ShoutCast player, and listen to the Fan on that, but I can't save the station or anything... ^_^;; Sorry to be such a bother, but I only got this PSP this year, I'm not that great with it yet XD
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