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Re: Why the jerks/bad dudes always get the best women and more: My philosophy + rant

Well, some interesting posta here: a few enabling, a few not. Levi, I'm assuming you got dumped. It hurts but with time you'll pick up the pieces in your head and heart and move forward. All women are different, for them all guys are different. It has been that way since the beginning of time. Self-help relationship books are a crap shoot as are advice columns in media outlets. Some of that advice is relevant for an individual while the rest of it is bunk. You need to figure out the top 4 qualities you are looking for in a person that you would like to get to know. If you add more qualities, like top 10, be careful as the probability of meeting such a person with that much criteria diminishes exponentially.

I don't know if you're looking for just a friend or a life partner. I do know once you start your quest for "that special person" you will be going on an amazing Life journey. You are going to "grow". This will be better than a game. This will be an epic adventure with you as the main protagonist. If you dare, try It worked for me. I found my wife there on that site almost 5 years ago and am still happily married. It took darn near 30 years to find this lady. I won't bore you with my bio but it was worth the wait. Good luck!

If you want to figure out where you stand compared to other folks in your age group or cohort you might look up the book Passages by Gail Sheehey. It's been out about 20 years but the info is still revelant. The book breaks down the expectations of people according to age cohorts. It's not the end of the world if you make it through your twenties and are still unattached.
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