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Re: Why the jerks/bad dudes always get the best women and more: My philosophy + rant

Originally Posted by Tyto View Post
Ok, just can't help but play devil's advocate here. Also this has been a sad sad clod of nonsense and babble to have to read through and I demand some form of compensation for my time wasted in reading this thread at all in the first place. D:< (You know... just in case anyone is wondering why I'm posting at all; other than the obvious reason of reveling in being an intentional jerk. ...I know... no one actually cares, but too late you've already wasted your time reading this! >:D)

You seem to have overlooked one very major problem in this assessment, your own perspective on the matter. Good girls don't go for bad guys. Smart girls don't go for bad guys. Stupid, naive, and arguably "innocent" girls go for bad guys because they don't know better --but then what is ignorance if not a vice? A truly intelligent and respectable woman is nearly never caught dead with a guy dumber or less respectable than her. What you see as a "good" girl chasing after a bad guy is your own delusional goddess image hoisted upon some inappropriately sized pedestal being toppled over when its inevitably feeble foundations are swept out form under it: she was likely never a "good" person to begin with, you just seemed to think so. In other words, your standards of what makes a "good girl" are just skewed, and possibly entirely sub-par to begin with.

So again, I assert that the biggest flaw in the calculation here was yourself. The problem lies not in some cruel, melodramatic, soapopera-esque, social dynamic in which good girls are drawn to, and subsequently ruined by bad guys. The problem in fact lies in you, yourself, and your need to attempt to rationalize and rectify your own sorry and jaded perception through a contrived, amateurish, cold reading of a demographic you yourself can't even begin to draw proper boundaries around, and masquerading said vague generalization as an educated attempt at a social dichotomy, resulting ultimately in self-delusional theatrics aimed at preying upon the sympathies of other such sorry subjects as yourself in order to cobble together a safety blanket from the empty positive reinforcement of your peers.
You're not playing devil's advocate at all, since every single person who has posted so far disagreed with my philosophy :P
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