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Re: Adblock rant

I generally keep my adblock on all the time for the security reasons LivingShadow mentioned.

I have the luxury of several PC's to use. (working in IT has its perks! XD) So I change up the settings depending on what I'm using them for.

My main PC has all ads blacklisted. If I am paying bills, checking my bank accounts, etc. I don't want to nor need to see ads for anything. They are annoying and I don't care who doesn't get paid because I blocked them. The security risks far outweigh the need to see a Lowes ad for hammers.

However, on my video production PC, I do whitelist some sites. If I'm browsing around Youtube for ideas or just want to add videos to my playlist, I keep some of those sites whitelisted. But if the ads become annoying (noise garbage, weather ads, pills for this or that and other non-sense, I might blacklist the site)

I don't think ad blocking is an entitlement issue as much as it is a convenience and security issue for me.

But then again, I don't really use Youtube and the like for anything other than an idea resource
That being said, the few people's channels I subscribe to are in my whitelist and will remain there.

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