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Re: Anime and Video Tournament

Sounds fun

Name: Demi-Fiend
Video/Anime: Video
Game: SMT Nocturne
Info: The silent, demonic hero of SMT Nocturne. Changed into a demon after his world ended. He can summon various demons to aid him in combat in various ways. In the Tournament he will only be able to summon one at a time. In addition before each match he can ingest one of many Magatama to alter his skill set.

Character 2:

Name: Dad or Mr. Egbert
Video/Anime: Game
Game: HomeStuck
Info: A simple suburban Father raising his son, John Egbert, He has an affinity for harelquinns, smoking pipes and baking. However, after certain cataclysmic events, Dad's true nature was revealed. A nature of true badassery. Able to lift massive vault doors and punch people through castle walls. As well as a multitude of lethal prankster tools and deadly baked goods.

John Egbert's father, brandishing his Artifact of Confection

Note the broken jail bars and the safe above Dad's head. Also note the look of pure terror on the Shale Imp's face.

I have read the rules

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