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Re: Suggestions?

As long as I don't run into another School Days scenario, I'm good.

And Episode 4 was pretty amazing, is it normal for my favorite character to be Chihiro at this point?

It's funny, my favorite characters are almost always the ones that aren't featured as a main love interest...more as an option, but not chosen. For example;

Clannad - Tomoyo
Love Hina - Makoto
Rosario+Vampire - Mizore

Those are just a few, but meh. It just makes me want to get the game software that most of those were based off of. There are still a few more anime that I know I've seen, but I'm getting lazy on writing them down.

Oh shame on me! I forgot my very first anime...Ayashi no Ceres. It's what got me started watching it to begin with, coupled with the fact that it is a heavy romance oriented anime...yeah, that was the start of it all. Poor Yuuhi.

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