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[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Maybe tomorrow, Vashy
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> ...Rainbow Vash >3
[00:15] * Kayarath puts on cool shades
[00:15] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......NO
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Yes, Vindictus
[00:15] <+vindictusmeister> if so you could rant on the archdemon on nighmare mode
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> alright
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> so
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Hey, Renky!
[00:15] <@Kayarath> .nowplaying
[00:15] <@Brie> Now Playing: Shoko Nakagawa - Sky-Colored Days
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> you don't have to play RO to know this is crappy support
[00:15] == vindictusmeister has changed nick to luigimeister
[00:15] <&Hiiragi>
[00:15] <+Nirvash_Redemption> NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO
[00:15] * JellyBeans is still loling over that Vic pun.
[00:15] <+Renku> o.o
[00:15] * DJ_Scholar is greatly amused by Rainbow Vash
[00:15] * Nirvash_Redemption crawls under a rock
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie.
[00:15] <+Renku> lol
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie and Rainbow Vash
[00:16] <+Renku> Yes~!
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> I is not a pony
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> In "Cupcakes". Coming to an IRC near you.
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> >D
[00:16] <+Renku> YES~!'
[00:16] <@Kusari|iWork> What's the prob, Raug?
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> Y U DO THIS!?
[00:16] * luigimeister eye twitches
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> Cause it's fun.
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> $@@%$%^
[00:16] * DJ_Scholar needs to think up other names for the other ponies.
[00:16] <+JellyBeans> ...
[00:16] == JellyBeans has changed nick to Fluttershy
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> We have JellyShy
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> SCHOLAR.
[00:17] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......Oh god.
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> YES.
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> BECAUSE THAT'S MY NAME ON STEAM.
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> Jellyshy, Rainbow Vash, Renky Pie.....
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> Jellyshy. XD
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> do you see my ticket on the bottom?
[00:17] == Kusari|iWork has changed nick to DJ_P0n-33
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> (it goes from bottom to top chronologically)
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> So we need a Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Applejack
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> i go about this whole spiel how they don't bother to read what tickets contain
[00:17] * DJ_Scholar scans the IRC
[00:17] <@DJ_P0n-33> I see the ticket. I know the problem's that they're ignoring you. But I don't see the original problem.
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> and the response (just like previous tickets) reinforces that
[00:17] <+Nirvash_Redemption> Twilly Sparkle?
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Yes!
[00:18] == Fluttershy has changed nick to Jellyshy
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Mm, how do I lump this with my other nicknames, again?
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Princess Kanalestia?
[00:18] <&Hiiragi> Ah, it's hard to see since the 3 other ticket numbers I have in the ticket are all in the same situation
[00:18] <&Hiiragi> for the most part
[00:18] == Renku has changed nick to Renky
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky_Pie?
[00:18] <+Renky> ><
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Yes. XD
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> I was just thinking that.
[00:18] * Maria_Plushie walks away
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Which one, Jelly?
[00:18] == Renky has changed nick to Renky_Pie
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> I don't know XD
[00:18] <+Renky_Pie> I forgote the _
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Scholar, for Renku.
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Oooh.
[00:19] <@DJ_P0n-33> Err I just mean which quest bugged you? <.<
[00:19] <+Renky_Pie> o.o
[00:19] <@Cameron> OH
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> ...Huh?
[00:19] <@Cameron> CANDI
[00:19] <@DJ_P0n-33> I thought you said on air in 2 minutes, Scholar? <.<
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> I...was on air.
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Like...5 minutes ago
[00:19] <@Cameron> I'mma cosplay DJ P0N3
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity?
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> You talk me that before, Cammie. x3
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> LOL
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> YES.
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> CAMITY.
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> IT'S PERFECT.
[00:20] <@Cameron> ...
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity, Jellyshy, Renkie Pie, Rainbow Vash, Princess Kanalestia...
[00:20] <+Nirvash_Redemption> :|
[00:20] <+Jellyshy> HEY
[00:20] <+Jellyshy> HEY
[00:20] * DJ_Scholar is enjoying this way too much
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> <.< Yeah. But that was 5 minutes.
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> Not 2.
[00:20] <+Nirvash_Redemption> LISTEN
[00:20] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> I demand another air session.
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm going to give you one.
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> ;D
[00:20] <+luigimeister> look down below
[00:20] <+Maria_Plushie> Scholar you foregot twilly sparkle
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> And Twilly Sparkle.
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> Ummm /ns group Nick pass?
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> Okay, I'll try that.
[00:21] <@Cameron> Oh, however / GROUP
[00:21] <+luigimeister> there be instructions in the second section below the irc
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> So we're missing applejack
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack?
[00:21] <@Cameron> I typo'd that badly
[00:21] * Renky_Pie is start and right
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> *smart
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> HAH
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> WIN
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> xD
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:21] <@Cameron> I think ya got it anyway, I dunno
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> That one work or do I need to keep trying?
[00:22] <+Jellyshy> Cameron: CHANGE YOUR NAME TO CAMITY.
[00:22] <+Maria_Plushie> so who's Spike
[00:22] <@Cameron> I don't wanna be her...
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> Mist.
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:22] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:22] <+Maria_Plushie> lol
[00:22] <+DarkReturns> so... if i watch school days... should i watch the whole thing, or just the gorey part? :P
[00:23] <@LeviathanMist> wha
[00:23] * grimdefeat refuses to be part of this pony nonsense
[00:23] <+luigimeister> well I'll be seeing everyone
[00:23] <@Cameron> The whole thing!
[00:23] <+Nirvash_Redemption> the whole thing
[00:23] <+luigimeister> before this gets...... namey
[00:23] == DJ_P0n-33 [] has quit []
[00:23] <@Cameron> The end means nothing on its own
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack, Camity, Rainbow Vash, Twilly Sparkle, Renky Pie, Jellyshy, Princess Kanalestia....
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> My little Fan
[00:23] <+Jellyshy> I AM A PEGA-SIS.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> Music is magic
[00:23] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:23] <+Renky_Pie> Yes~!
[00:23] <+Nirvash_Redemption> oh lordy
[00:23] <+DarkReturns> well, i know the story, but i never seen the gorey part. :P
[00:23] <+Jellyshy> I love how they have a version of brony for girls now. Pega-Sis.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> My friend called herself that.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> She's amazing
[00:24] <+Maria_Plushie> this needs to be quoted
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> Do it!
[00:24] == Nirvash_Redemption has changed nick to Rainbow_Vash
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> .......
[00:24] <+luigimeister> to the first post in scholar's forum?
[00:24] <%grimdefeat> now im just gonna say if there was a pony named chaos bringer then i may be a bit more interested in it
[00:24] <+Jellyshy> YESSSSS
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> TT~TT
[00:24] <+Renky_Pie> :D I Vashy~!
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> My little pony, musical pony, listening to all of Vic
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:24] <+Jellyshy> xDDDD
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> ;A:
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> Muaahahha!
[00:24] <+Renky_Pie> *hi
[00:25] * Jellyshy is watching her friend play Persona 3.
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> Grimbloom can be Hakujack's younger sister.
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> LOVE THIS GAME.
[00:25] <+Renky_Pie> :o I like 4
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> Cerulu is Scotaloo
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> I love the brotag in 3.
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> What's Rarity's sister's name?
[00:25] <+Renky_Pie> Ceruloo?
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> I don't remember. ><
[00:26] <@christmas4477> Sweetie Belle
[00:26] <@Cerulaine> >>
[00:26] <%DJ_Scholar> Hm...
[00:26] <+Jellyshy> XD
[00:26] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm surprised I haven't gotten kicked for this yet.
[00:26] <+luigimeister> Luigi Belle?
[00:26] <@Cameron> Welp, time for bed, I have to try and get my SIN card and Health card back tomorrow after work, even though I don't have all the documents...
[00:27] <+Rainbow_Vash> later dood
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> Awwww, okay Cammie. :C See you!
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> I'll miss you!
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> Love yooouuu!
[00:27] <%grimdefeat> hey i got an idea lets use link names to something good like legend of zelda
[00:27] <%DJ_Scholar> I like that one, Luigi
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> BYE~!
[00:27] <@Cameron> D'awww
[00:27] <@Cameron> Love you too! See ya~!
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> lol Grim
[00:27] <%DJ_Scholar> Who's Zakura?
[00:27] <@christmas4477> Zecora
[00:27] <@christmas4477> Is a zebra
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> o.o lol Zakura
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> I know WHO Zecora is.
[00:28] <+Renky_Pie> You?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> Who's their persona here?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> o.o
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> How would my name play into that?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> Scholora?
[00:28] <+Renky_Pie> Yes~
[00:28] == Rugal [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> I can't rhyme worth crap, though
[00:29] <+Renky_Pie> Also, I was Zecora at one point
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Twilly Sparkle
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Jellyshy
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Rainbow Vash
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Princess Kanalestia
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Cerulu
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Grimbloom
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Luigibelle
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Scholora
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> :3
[00:29] <+Renky_Pie> :D
[00:29] <%grimdefeat> hey i told you i refuse to be part of this
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> You did? Too late!
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> .nowplaying
[00:30] <@Brie> Now Playing: Minori Chihara - That Day You Gave
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> Wait! We need a Nightmare Moon/Luna!
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> Nightmare Mist
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> xD
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> :D
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> Wait Mist was Spike o.o
[00:30] <+Maria_Plushie> ^
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> shouldn't it be Nightmare Moon?
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> as in Sailor Moon?
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> :P
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> xD
[00:30] <+Jellyshy> This is awesome.
[00:30] <+Rainbow_Vash> lool
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> Nah, I couldn't make a pun out of Mist and Spike
[00:30] <+DarkReturns> i thought about watching a serious anime...
[00:30] <+DarkReturns> :o
[00:30] <%grimdefeat> im not even joking i watched one episdoe of that accursed show and laughed maybe once
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> a serious anime?
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> Hmm
[00:31] <+Maria_Plushie> NightMist Moon?
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> Grim, Vash hates ponies too.
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm just grossly amused by this
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> That works, MAria
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> I'm just playing along
[00:31] <+Renky_Pie> I would say add Kibs in :P but then we all be kicked
[00:31] <%grimdefeat> no just you supporters would get kicked
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> So....all of us
[00:32] <%grimdefeat> im not
[00:32] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> Fiine. We need a new Applebloom
[00:32] <%grimdefeat> damn straight you do
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> Kayabloom?
[00:32] <+Jellyshy> XDDD

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