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Re: Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Ok, I'm not one with words, so bare with me

SEGA has done Sonic games just fine in Black Knight and Unleashed. The Werehog gimmick isn't even that bad, it was something different, if we just had regular Sonic I would guarantee you, people would be complaining that there wasn't enough in Sonic Unleashed.
If EVERY Mario game was the exact same thing as the original Super Marios Bros. would you still play? Of course not, you'd demand for something different, something new, its the same for Sonic.
To simply complain whether Sonic had a Werehog form or a sword is utter rubbish, people who don't enjoy platforming have no right to complain about the Werehog to begin with, and as for the constant smash attacking, I'll bet whoever complained about that never even attempted the combos, I know every enemy can be killed by simply spamming but it can also lead to death.

Sonic carrying a sword may be different but if your thought is "run and spin attack, then its not really that different considering Sonic spins using the sword. Caliburn may have been a talking sword but whats more annoying, a talking companion or Sonic just talking to himself.

And PLEASE don't say controls where an issue, every game review I hear is "control control control control", well guess what, nothing is perfect. This is nothing against you Oni this is against the job in general, people are welcome to they're own opinions, but the bottom line is I hate reviewers, reviewers are a plague on games, it causes negativity and bias opinions.

EVERYTHING deserves a chance, its NOT RIGHT to criticize a game, or a movie, or a book until you actually play it, watch it or read it, Otherwise your just a nag in the peanut gallery.

Now... onto the topic regarding the game....

Sonic DID look somewhat Sonic 06 slow, but then again, its just a trailer. There may be some sections where you need to speed up like in unleashed when you can just blast through enemies using Sonic speed.

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